Türkiye must foil the traps when it comes to its ties with Syria, Egypt! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Türkiye must foil the traps when it comes to its ties with Syria, Egypt!

Türkiye took a very moral stance in Syria and cut all ties with a tyrannous dictator and his heartless regime, who massacre their own people. 

Yet, Türkiye used to have great relations with Syria. 

The stance Türkiye has taken is very moral. Had we been living in a moral world, if the truth, justice, and law were dominant in the world, Türkiye’s moral stance would have been meaningful. Thus, this stance is a moral stance that needs to be appreciated in an immoral world. But it is a wrong stance in many respects. It is a stance that has cost us a great deal. 

Türkiye was in for a trap in Syria. Similar to the trap we walked into in World War I, which pushed the Ottoman Empire out of the historical scene a century ago, a new trap was set a century later to throw Türkiye into a dark pit. 



Türkiye is supposed to be a member of the Western alliance led by the bandit lords the U.S. and Europe’s powerful countries. 

Türkiye was caught in a trap between Israel and Russia. 

However, the concerning point is that Türkiye could not realize it was caught in a trap – and is still yet to fully realize it. 

The moral but wrong policy Türkiye developed through Syria caused Türkiye to pay a huge price. Türkiye had to turn back from this policy before it was too late. The infrastructure for this was prepared for almost two years: Türkiye strengthened its diplomatic ties with the Syrian administration through Russia in particular, and eventually, a reasonable schedule was set to mend Türkiye-Syria relations. 

This schedule was openly kicked off as of last week. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s consecutive meetings with Russian state leader Vladimir Putin, and the Iranian administration, were determining in the process of solving the Syrian deadlock. 

Türkiye could see that the Syrian question, including the increasing refugee problem, which was now open to all sorts of provocations, reached a dead end, and was seeking ways to overcome this. Hence, it had long started diplomatic meetings. The most recent meetings with Russia and Iran were the finishing touches to finalizing the process. 

The Western world’s sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine increased Russia’s need for Türkiye more than ever. 

As is known, Syria serves as a buffer country in the region. Those who have control over Syria will have control over the region. If Syria is in chaos, the entire region, from the East Mediterranean to Yemen and the Persian Gulf, will be in chaos.  

This is exactly the situation. Not only is the region in chaos, but all tribes, sects, and organizations suitable to fight each other, divide the region into pieces, were mobilized, turning the region into hell. 




I have been stating since the start that Türkiye’s Egypt policy is wrong. Egypt is the second country after Türkiye to play a key role in shaping the region’s fate. 

Strains in Türkiye-Egypt relations mean imperialists and terrorist organizations will settle in the region, and the region’s countries will literally lose their independence. 

As the British developed strategies two centuries ago to shape the region’s fate, they determined the strategy that Egypt and Türkiye must never cooperate as the primary strategy. 

The fact that Türkiye and Egypt developing joint strategies in every field would drive imperialist efforts to settle in the region to failure, the British established great hostility between Turks and Arabs in general, and specifically between Türkiye and Egypt. Though we can see the daunting impacts of this today, if this hostility continues, we will see even more formidable effects in the future. 

The seeds of this hostility were sown by the British, but it was spread through all segments of society through the pro-West elites in the region’s countries. 




Therefore, Türkiye needs to think big. Thus, we have no other choice but the develop permanent, deep-rooted, and long-term strategies with Egypt and Syria. 

Any instability in the region will put Türkiye’s security and, as a result, its independence in danger. 

Is it logical for Türkiye to cut ties with the tyrannous Syrian regime, and continue relations with the U.S., which openly supports the terrorist organizations that are occupying Syria and Iraq in every aspect? 

How can we explain this contradiction? The U.S. is our ally, but we are unable to speak up because it is a superpower. As a result, we are unable to avoid being dragged into a dead end. 

This is the trap. Türkiye’s condemnation of the tyrannous Syrian regime, its massacres, and striving to prevent it where possible, was the most reasonable strategy to follow. 

Going beyond this would mean allowing Türkiye to be drawn into a great trap – which is exactly what happened. However, the fact that Türkiye has finally realized this trap, and putting relations on the right track with Syria and Egypt will contribute greatly to stability, peace, and welfare in Türkiye, and particularly in the region. God knows best. 


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