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As Türkiye's interest rate falls to single digits...

Last Thursday, we followed the interest rate decision of the Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee (PPK). Although the MPC determined a rate above general expectations, the reduction decision was not a surprise for the markets. Let's take a quick lo... more

Is Türkiye's axis shifting?

Whenever Türkiye makes an appearance or makes a positive statement at a meeting on alliances in the East, discussions of an "axis shift" immediately begin. Western countries, which have steered clear from Türkiye in normal times, and as soon as Ankar... more

A global recession is around the corner!

I have been trying to sound the alarm for the global economy in my columns for a while now. I have written at length on the issues that trigger global inflation, especially soaring energy and food prices. The prevalent idea in these columns was that ... more

Greek and Greek Cypriot interests trump EU solidarity!

The EU is experiencing the worst energy crisis and economic hardship in its history. We can't see any positive signs about the progress made when it comes to these issues. As Europe holds its breath ahead of the looming 2023 winter season, the bloc a... more

'The Air-Conditioning Regulation Institute'

The title of today's column is a riff on Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar's famous novel "The Time Regulation Institute". But of course, this is not what we're here to talk about. I will instead try to draw attention to the steps taken by European countries in... more

A new question plagues Europe: Is the US in a recession or not?

These days, it is paramount that one closely follows Fatih Birol, the President of the International Energy Agency (IEA). As he is the head of the IEA, the most competent institution on energy in the world, he explains things that will allow us to c... more


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