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What's going on in Iran these days?

Are Westerners trying to overthrow the Iranian revolution because they hate the "Islamic regime" in Iran?This is the most frequently asked question, but extremely wrong and tempting.Why should Westerners hate the regime in Iran?They want to besiege T... more

Beware of the Brits!

Elizabeth II, Queen of the U.K. is dead. Yet, the British withdrew, but they did not die – they are slyly coming again! The British are slyly coming again. They played a key role in shaping especially our region’s recent history and future, and ... more

Food self-sufficiency is a national security matter!

The war between Russia and Ukraine drove the world to the verge of a food catastrophe. Türkiye showed its growing regional and global strength in preventing the world from being driven to this food disaster as well. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s e... more


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