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Türkiye's quest to become a key country in energy

In conjunction with the discussions about the possibility of Türkiye becoming an energy center, I will highlight a report published by the Center for Political, Economic and Social Studies “SITA” in 2016, under the title “Türkiye’s efforts to become ... more

How energy helps countries achieve economic stability

Countries began to move to secure energy supplies, stability, and economic security at the same time. Energy supply security is recognized as one of the most important factors that make economic growth and development sustainable and keep the economy... more

Will Russia halt gas supplies to Europe?

Russia is using energy as a weapon to counter the sanctions imposed on it by European countries and to prevent the EU from supporting Ukraine in the war.Russia has halted gas supplies to Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands, and Denmark due to ... more

Europe in the grips of a full-on energy crisis

Due to the high demand by European countries for Russian natural gas in recent years, and their lack of alternative sources of energy, the issue of the security of natural gas supplies has reached a completely different stage, especially with the Rus... more

How are the EU's natural gas supplies faring so far?

With winter just around the corner in Europe, uncertainty still looms over how to secure much-needed natural gas supplies. Meanwhile, the pace of shoring up natural gas reserves in Europe has accelerated for the winter, but the storage capacity of na... more

Measures taken by EU to counter ongoing energy crises

There is no doubt that energy supply security has been the most important matter for European countries since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While the economic sanctions war that started between European countries and Russia drove European countries t... more

The global energy crisis and its possible ramifications

The issue of energy supply security has become one of the most pressing concerns for the world at large; Therefore, taking the necessary measures and making the necessary preparations to reduce the impacts of a potential energy crisis in many Europea... more


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