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Is an energy-for-grain scheme being floated around by Russia?

As Russia pressed ahead with its invasion of neighboring Ukraine, energy dependence became a major headache for EU countries, but then came the issue of transporting grains from Ukraine, which is a key producer in terms of food security, to internati... more

Why are gas prices soaring in Europe?

Energy prices are one of the most pressing problems facing EU countries these days. Restrictions related to Covid-19 resulted in shrinking economies and significant reductions in energy demands, as well as a decrease in energy prices.However, declini... more

How must we approach the issue of migration in Turkey?

Turkey is situated in a strategic region nestled between Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Due to this geographical location, when fleeing abroad from countries in these regions that are currently experiencing civil wars, turmoil and political ... more

The independence of Turkey’s Central Bank

Time and again debates have arisen over concerns whether Turkey’s Central Bank is truly independent. So, I’ve decided to dive into the deep end of the issue of Central Bank independence in various countries and their general duties.What does it mean ... more

A new era begins for Turkey’s Central Bank

Last week Wednesday, before Turkey’s Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, I ended my op-ed as such: “The expected hike rate will lead already high interest rates to increase even further. What’s more, and even more importantly, it ... more

Economic growth expectations around the world

The Covid-19 pandemic had an adverse effect on all fields in 2020. Needless to say, economic growth was similarly impacted. Though the degrees at which the countries were affected varies, 2020 was a year that witnessed a serious decline in the global... more

Does it matter who the president of America is?

The elections held in the United States affects not only America but the entire world, primarily its economies, international relations, the future of existing global economic institutions, issues of contempt between states and the countries within t... more

A game of chess between Turkey and the world in the East Med

The “controlled-tension” transpiring like a game of ping pong in the East Mediterranean with the statements being made and symbolic visits is still continuing full-speed ahead. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar’s visit to Kaş yesterday and the Gre... more

What has changed since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Numerous important changes have occurred in our lives ever since the Covid-19 outbreak emerged in China last year and these were mostly felt in fields such as education, business life, economy, trade, investment tools, social policy, health, among se... more

The East Mediterranean is indispensable for Turkey

Turkey's maritime jurisdiction agreement signed with Libya seems to have changed all balances in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because through this agreement, Turkey declared a new map to the world just like other countries in the region that defined th... more


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