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Hamas in Damascus: What was expected came to pass...

“In this warm meeting, we felt [Syrian] President, Mr. Assad's great determination to support the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people with all his might. He stated that Syria will support the Palestinian people, as it has up to now. We turn ... more

On the passing of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi...

On Friday, January 14, 2011, there was an enthusiastic ceremony at the Omar bin Khattab Mosque, located in one of the outer districts of Doha, the capital of Qatar. After the Friday prayer, the congregation did not go out and listened to the orators ... more

A queen's legacy

During her 70-year long reign, Queen Elizabeth placed special emphasis on two points: 1) To bring the monarchy into the limelight in the eyes of the public, through the skillful use of the media—and later social media—by reviving historical tradition... more

Tunisia and the Polisario crisis

Tunisian President Kais Saied hosted on Friday Brahim Ghali, leader of the Polisario Front, which is fighting for Western Sahara’s independence, and his envoy with an official ceremony. This meeting caused great rage in Morocco. The Moroccan administ... more

Why doesn't Türkiye own any property in Jersualem?

The Sorceress Gate (in English: Herod's Gate), one of the northern entrances of the Jerusalem city walls, is also the beginning of the roads that directly connect to the Muslim Quarter. When you step inside the walls, turn left, and pass the shops on... more

The trajectory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Ismailia, Egypt in March 1928, and four years after its establishment, its headquarters moved to the capital, Cairo. The goal of Hassan al-Banna, the founding leader of the group, was not only to grow this moveme... more

A misleading 'green light'...

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hosting an important guest at his palace in Baghdad on Wednesday, July 25, 1990. Accompanied by his close advisers, the official Saddam was hosting was April Catherine Glaspie, then-U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad. Glasp... more

A return to the old Tunisia

On Monday, the referendum on the new Tunisian constitution gave way to its official adoption, granting the president of the republic unlimited powers and providing him with all kinds of legal protection. The text of the new constitution is to give th... more

Did Biden really get what he wanted from the Saudis?

After meeting with Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Yalta, the port city on the Crimean Peninsula between 4-11 Feb 1945, then U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt moved to Egypt quickly. President ... more

The diary of a German pilgrim in Mecca

“Caught in stop and go traffic, we did not reach Muzdalifah – close but yet so far – until 11pm.Led by an imam from Rabat, we were holding our evening and night prayers together, our sore knees resting on just those tiny but sharp pieces of gravel, t... more


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