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As we enter the 'Türkiye Century'...

It’s the “Türkiye Century,” not ‘Türkiye’s Century.”  There is a difference.  Secondly, it renders passive whatever slowed down Turks to date.  We always wrote about it until now, but now that it has a name, let this be ... more

Anatomy of ‘that’ photo from the SCO summit

A photograph from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit overcame all the tensions between the poles of the global instability atmosphere, and found its place on not only Türkiye’s but the world public’s agenda.  Everybody knows... more

Who are the powers that truly govern the US, Europe?

“The West’s attitude in the Ukraine War is not right, as it is carrying out a policy based on provocation. It doesn’t seem like the war will end any time soon. Those who underestimate Russia are making such a huge mistake! Russia is not a country to ... more

Freezing to death in the new 'Cold War'

Ukraine and the economic/food/energy/supply chain crisis are fueling two great fears. One is the likelihood of a more burning war that includes multiple countries. The second is the potential of “public movements/revolts” outbreaks in Europe-centered... more

What's the link between FETÖ and the Dugina killing?

Anyone in Türkiye who has the slightest knowledge about these matters will tell you not to get into too much detail about Alexander Dugin.   This is an indicator that Dugin is considered to be dubious. When you ask “Why?” you will generally... more

Normalizing relations with Israel, Syria

The groups and individuals in Türkiye, who have been opposing Türkiye’s foreign policy all along are now boasting, “We told you so,” in celebration of their non-existent foresight, underlining the government’s mistake – according to them – regarding ... more

Türkiye-Syria: Heavy consistency!

When “normalization” is in question, Türkiye sometimes resumes relations and sometimes starts from scratch with countries with which it has had strained ties.  Israel, Armenia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – an... more


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