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Losing the narrative of the 1915 Armenian events in Turkey

When U.S. President Joe Biden branded the events in Turkey surrounding the Armenians as a genocide, an older colleague of mine, brother Selim, shared the results of a study with the caption: “These things must be left not to the historians but to the... more

A peculiar order of slavery: The Korean entertainment industry

The consumption culture and culture industry, one of the most important elements of this culture, is literally constituting an “order of oppression”. We should better emphasize this again. Just like the other industries, the aim of the culture indust... more

Salah, Jerusalem, Israel and NATO

“Neither prison nor captivity can stop us from defending al Aqsa or struggling against the Judaization plans. Raed Salah went to the Israeli prison saying this. Yesterday his nine-month sentence started. The Israeli court's justification? Aha. I gues... more

Was it a conspiracy?

Recently, I have been witnessing such spirts of brilliant minds and intelligible people. that it's a wonder this much is possible.On one hand this mind claims that a group of aliens are killing the civilians, soldiers and police officers in our geogr... more

Petty degenerates

Today it will be like this. Today, I will write clearly and directly. Because, it's necessary to tell this hypocrisy, lowliness clearly and directly. Assad killed 300,000 (three hundred thousand in words) people. It's being estimated that at least 10... more

Comments reflecting bias

I will cast my ballot for Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nepal, Gaza, and Ramallah. I will vote for whoever lends a hand to the oppressed people throughout the world. Whoever the destitute prays for before they sleep, and whoever the Bosniaks refer... more

Towards the election briefly

-In this election, how much conversation was made over the “indecisive voter”? According to some experts, this time the rate of the indecisive people is 14 percent. If they establish a party, they get into the parliament with 100 deputies. On top of ... more

Syria summarized in 10 points for beginners

1. Since 1970, Syria has been governed by the authoritarian Nusayri regime, which consists of a religious minority in the country. This authoritarian regime has never permitted the representation of Sunnis –which make up the majority of the populatio... more

A Kurd has no friend but himself!

To tell you the truth, I neither like the demon called politics, nor do I write about it unless I feel obliged to.I think everyday politics has a tiring, wearing and even an enslaving side to it. Let alone commenting on it, you need to spend great ef... more

The death match of chess

İbrahim Karagül, in his column from yesterday was saying: ‘It seems as though the political borders of the passage extending from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean will never be as it is today. Actually, both Iraq and Syria have become the exte... more

A return to 1994

I was 18 years old in 1994. As is the norm for that age, I spent my time vagabonding along the Bosporus. I was a student then, as you must have surmised. I was just beginning to experience the sensations of what life is. I spent many a morning walkin... more


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