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Biden caught cheating once again...

When Joe Biden was once again caught with his cheatsheet, we were reminded that something isn’t quite right with the U.S. president.They wrote down instructions and handed the sheet to him.Every move is written step by step. It was hard to believe if... more

How will Turkey interfere in France’s upcoming elections?

French President Emmanuel Macron came to power in May 2017.After a five-year term, presidential elections are set to be held again next year.It seems like election fever has already begun.Mr. Macron is already thinking, “What if I don’t get reelected... more

Iran has started to show its true colors

It seems that because we share a border that stretches 560 kilometers, we can only agree on the fact that we are neighbors, and nothing more.It seems that the friendly and brotherly Iran turned out to not be so “friendly and brotherly” at all.*They w... more

Russian spies parading around as journalists in Turkey

Two Russians were captured skulking in Istanbul around a facility manufacturing unmanned drones and of course armed combat vehicles.It’s still a mystery whether they were singing “Awara hu, awara hu,” meaning “I am a loafer,” like in the Raj Kapoor m... more

What went wrong Pashinyan?

There was no way Armenia could succeed against the Azerbaijani army.It doesn’t take much to read the writing on the wall.According to a statement by Chief of Staff Onik Gasparyan, their ammunition was going to run out in a matter of three days.And ev... more

The most idiotic plan of the century

It’s supposedly the deal of the century, the peace plan of the century...That’s what he says, the idiot of the century.Is there anyone who’s able to remain calm? I can’t.*The deal should be bilateral, at the very least.Maybe trilateral, maybe pentala... more

Armored Unmanned Sea Vehicle on the way

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that they will pull out of Syria. As a matter of fact, he said they want to return their troops back home without wasting any time at all.To be honest, it is wrong for them to wait another day. It would have been... more

Neither Taksim, nor death

Towards the end of the 1950s, there were “Either Taksim, Or Death” rallies being held in Cyprus and Turkey. On one side, the Greeks' Enosis objective, on the other, the “Cyprus is Turkish” slogan. The Greek side wanted the island to be connected to G... more


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