Türkiye is facing a double-siege as it attemps to break free of its shackles - YUSUF KAPLAN

Türkiye is facing a double-siege as it attemps to break free of its shackles

The West has been trying to discipline Türkiye for the last two centuries through the “Irish in our midst.”


They may have destroyed the Ottoman Empire, but not the Ottomans’ history-making, civilization-making, and civilization-protecting spirit, which gives different religions, and faiths the right to exist. 

Türkiye has been dragged into the Westernization process. However, the further it Westernizes, the more it sinks. As Türkiye tries to live by Western concepts and lifestyle, the more it is taken captive within and loses its spirit and civilization claims. 

This is one side of the medallion. 

The medallion has another unseen side: If Türkiye continues to hold on to its Islamic roots and civilization claims, it will build a world that will be hope to humanity once again. Peace in the Balkans, in the Caucasus, in the Turkic world, in the Middle East, and in the world depends on a powerful Türkiye. Türkiye proved once again that it continues, a century on, to be the element of balance and peace in the world. The West knows this better than the pro-West groups among us. 

Yet, regardless of how much Türkiye claims Westernization, that it is a Western country, the West knows very well that this is not and cannot be true. They know that Türkiye, like all other great societies that have built civilizations will, sooner or later, remember their civilization roots, return to their civilization claims, and set off on a great historic journey. 




Türkiye fell two centuries ago. It tried to recover in the first century. Yet in the second century, it changed course, and followed suit with the imperialist West, who wiped out the Ottomans from the history stage, and against whom we fought in the War of Independence. Türkiye secularized and this declared itself a part of Western civilization. 


The great Ottoman state was wiped out of history. This meant the West was rid of a major obstacle. Hence, it is once the Ottomans were stopped that the West managed to establish unquestionable and absolute sovereignty over the world, and take control of energy, fuel, and natural gas resources in the Ottoman region. 

This was not enough for them, so they also mentally took control through cultural imperialism of all the countries they physically occupied. 

Türkiye is one of the rare countries in the world that was physically invaded by the West, but could not be invaded mentally! Westerners who saw that we were on the verge of suicide, like eradicate this country's civilization roots, and deny its spiritual roots, thought for decades that they stopped the Ottomans, and made Türkiye forget its civilization claims. They later realized that in fact, Türkiye had expanded through its own civilization region, still held onto its civilization claims, and would start voicing its civilization claims when the place and time was right. 

Hence, the West initially thought Türkiye forgot its civilization claims. They saw that Türkiye had the historical depth and civilization experience needed to plan its own direction and course, be hope for the oppressed again when the time and place came, and that it was the sole actor that would re-present to humanity an all-encompassing and embracing civilization idea that would allow different cultures and faiths to co-exist. 

Hence, despite being one of NATO’s first six founding members, they get a kick out of making Türkiye “crawl” at EU doors – while they accepted Bulgaria and even Romania into the EU!

The West is very afraid that Türkiye might recover within the frame of a strong civilization idea!


They are about to face what they fear. 

That is why they would not allow Türkiye to be. They tried to keep Türkiye under control through their insider elites from within, and Western institutions externally in order to prevent Türkiye from reclaiming its civilization theories.

But Türkiye both joined NATO, and faced all military coups as a NATO member, and kept quiet.

Now, for the last quarter century, NATO, the U.S., the EU, Iran are besieging Türkiye, and occupying Iraq and Syria, while setting against us Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and its Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which they control remotely.

Despite all this, there are still intelligentsia in this country that are mentally enslaved by the West. They still advocate Western concepts, and idolize the West and its institutions!

This country’s civilization-building children see how the West and their puppets are sieging Türkiye.

They are building a strong defense industry: They see that the West is surrounding the Türkiye in a ring of fire, strong enough to collapse and divide the country, that they are paving the way for Iran in every respect against Türkiye, which has been and is the founding and protective actor of the Sunni world throughout history, and that they are settling in Iran in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gulf countries, and Yemen!

But this country’s children, who have historical depth and civilization awareness, are developing surprising strategies, paying attention to establishing good relations with both the West and Iran, while also developing a powerful defense industry that will break the siege against Türkiye, and forming strong long-term strategic relations and alliances in foreign policy.

In brief, Türkiye is not just any country.

This nation is not just any nation.

This country will rise from its ashes and be the hope of humanity again, God willing.

There is no room for pessimism: The world needs us, and we need the truth.


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