Is it even possible anymore to distinguish 'internal' powers from 'external' ones? - YUSUF KAPLAN

Is it even possible anymore to distinguish 'internal' powers from 'external' ones?

Humans without a world, a world without humans: This is the most accurate abstract description of the postmodern world. 

Humans without a world signifies humanity whose cultural genes have experienced genocide. 

Humanity, whose cultural genes have experienced genocide is nothing but humans who admire their executor, and are turned into crickets on a leash! A terrible clone, a caricature, a copy of the dissolute Western human type. 

Could a person whose world has been destroyed have any will? 

Is this possible? Could such a thing be possible? 



The Greeks used to consider all non-Greeks as barbarians. 

Romans were no different. 

They destroyed the city of Carthage, hence they wiped it out of history. They did not even leave a trace! 

There is no need to recall or remind the Atlantis legend, the tragedy, right? 

Europe occupied all continents, destroyed cultures, and of course, plundered their natural resources. 

Europeans presented themselves as a civilization, and invaded all continents, lands, worlds other than their own, saying, “They are barbaric, we are taking civilization to barbarians”!  

If this is not thuggery, brigandage, or barbarism, what is? 

Despite this, brazenfaced, they present themselves as civilized, and others as barbaric! 

Who is the real barbarian? What is civilization? 

Is there any trace left of the civilizations in Latin America? 

Millions of people faced genocide! 

We should certainly condemn the Jewish holocaust! Yet, why is it that while the Jewish holocaust is constantly mentioned everywhere, in every medium, in all newspapers, in every country, on every television channel, why the genocide of Latin Americans is never mentioned? Why are the horrific genocides in Africa never mentioned? 

As a matter of fact, the genocides in Latin America and Africa have more dire dimensions than the Jewish holocaust. Unlike the Jews in Europe, it wasn’t only humans that faced genocide in Latin America and Africa. The most ancient and distinctive cultures of humanity on these continents were also subjected to cultural genocide. 

Their libraries were destroyed, their cultural treasures were plundered, and their cultures were wiped out! 

Why would you never hear anything about the genocide in Latin America or the cultural genocide there? 

Are they not human? 

Is their culture insignificant? 

This is real barbarism! 

What greater barbarism, and savagery is there than carrying out genocide on the tens of millions of people in the two continents, plundering their natural resources, and destroying their cultural sources? 

The modern world is a world in which Western civilization has established hegemony in every field. 

It is also a forest in which it both ends and resurrects other civilizations. 

A domain of barbarism, where Darwinian laws rule: The powerful are right and have the right to live! 




As for our world, the Islamic world, which is the heart and soul of Afro-Eurasia. 

The two-century strategy the British have been implementing in the Islamic world had two legs. 

The first was to drive Islam (the history-changing Islamic civilization) away from history. 

The second was to drive Muslims away from Islam. 

Did these projects succeed? Were the British able to achieve their two-century objective? 

Yes, most definitely. 

But couldn’t Muslims do anything? They couldn’t. Why didn’t Muslims resist or intervene? 

Are foreign powers in question here? Yes. 

Are we not yet tired of explaining everything through foreign powers? 

Is there an internal power? What is it and where is it? 

Let us discuss the matter based on Türkiye. 

Is Türkiye under the control of internal powers for the last two centuries? 

What about the Arab world? 

Or the Turkic world? 

Colonialism and imperialism became the history of all world nations – they built their history. 

This is not only in the context of the past. 

Is it possible to say that present-day Arab world operations are carried out by internal powers? 

There is no need to list examples. 

Are organizations established by internal powers? 

Did their “internal” have any power? Wasn’t their internal power long eliminated? 

It should be known that the world’s fate has been shaped by the West for the last two centuries – either through the direct occupation of land or by indirect occupation through manipulation. 

If we are to talk about a power in Türkiye, we can say it has potential power rather than actual power. 

Its actual power can be described as rough power. The real power is its potential power, namely, its spiritual power, which keeps societies alive, carries them into the future, and even builds societies. 

Humanity that has lost its culture, that no longer has the capacity to hear and think, turned into a wretch who admires its executor, has no world, or the will to build a world for itself, and thus, the spirit necessary to activate this will. 

Humans whose will and spirit have been destroyed have no choice but to become slaves and disappear. 



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