Mediatic colonialism: Torture never before seen in the history of the world! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Mediatic colonialism: Torture never before seen in the history of the world!

The world is no longer a welcome place. 

All of humanity is being driven towards doomsday. 

The whole world is running towards hell. 

But people are living like everything is normal. 

On the one hand, there are people living hell on earth in all corners of the world. On the other hand, there are people running after hedonism as if nothing happened. 

Humanity is at the end of decay, decadence, and decomposition. 

The world is dancing in the arms of decadence. 

I say world, but I am talking about different worlds in the same countries: Worlds that live back to back, but have no connection, human trash, wretches, and miserable beings. 

The whole world is now in the process of what I identify as the world’s Latin Americanization: Those on the bottom and those on top. The poor, helpless people, and the heartless hedonists who achieve wealth by stealing! 

People’s desensitization to other people’s pains and griefs is the end of humanity. 

It did not have to be this way. 



I want to share a special anecdote that shows how our lives are no longer pleasant, and where we drifted. 

When we founded TV5, I said, “To hell with ratings!” in an interview. That interview was talked about a lot back then. 

Our primary concern is to raise qualified personnel in media and television – because we almost never had any. Then, to establish a language and say what needs to be said. As we are dealing with economic struggles, we strived to our best ability to develop new formats, transform the television language, and say what we had to say. But there is one thing that was certain: Our economic problems were above us, but we had set out on the journey to the truth that would pave the way for the country. We never gave up on our faith – we are not the sort of people that would give up. Hence, we trained qualified staff, we flourished a reviving spirit in television under those tough conditions. 

We established the channel in 2003. When I look back now, I see many of the names – and in fact generations – that stand out today in television and cinema were trained there. 

Each one of our meetings was like a lesson: I was focused on flourishing souls and raising people because I fixated not only on training technical staff but leading individuals that would bring life to the camera. 

Thus, TV5 had made it into history in its early years as one of the rare TV channels that broadcast without a care for the ratings! 



Türkiye is focused on the elections. That is all it discusses day and night. Environments detached from the truth as much as the TV channels in Türkiye are rare in other countries. Our TV channels have become no different to the crowd televisions in America, the homeland of commercial TV: They glue people to their TV screens, bringing to them the shallowest, most superficial subjects with provocative language! 

They appear to have the high cost of living, economic crisis, and financial hardship on their agenda, but they manage to say nothing worthwhile regarding these subjects. Almost all programs end with high tensions, and in a provocative atmosphere. 

In reality, television kills the truth and reality. All we are constantly seeing on the screens are the type of people who can be considered “political animals,” who discuss nothing but politics, who sanctify their own party alone while insulting the others, who exalt their own side and undermine the others, and who know nothing other than quarreling, cutting each other off disrespectfully, and shouting. 

Television will not present to you the reality. It will present to you a fictionalized image as the “reality.” 

There is no need to even mention social media here: Social media is the opium of the masses! I wrote about this before. 



Television dramatizes the reality in all program types. As a matter of fact, television in Türkiye additionally adds enticing music to even news, fooling and seducing the audience, and sells of the image it presents are the reality! It destroys the reality, it covers the truth! 

The same language applies to discussion programs: Seduction! 

Then welcome to the world of dromocracy, the age of speed, pleasure and seduction, which presents not the reality but the enticement as the “reality,” reducing the reality to a seductive image through various fictionalizing techniques, and which cripples humanity’s capacity to think through shabby television, media, social medias. 

TV directors, whom we criticize for sanctifying ratings, say “this is what the people want,” confessing that their concern is not the reality or the truth, but to sell the audience to advertisers! They are not concerned about pleasing the people but their bosses, and serving the growth of capitalism! 

The question, “Does the community corrupt television, or does television corrupt the community?” is not a question asked in vain. But this should not, and does not require us to overlook media, which is the discovery branches and exploitation wheels of capitalism, and the power and interest groups that use these medias! 

The world is being dragged towards the end, but is the fact that medias conceal the truth, and seduce people, preventing them from hearing and thinking, not another form of doomsday for humanity? 

In fact, is this not humanity’s real doomsday? 

Are these medias, social medias not the real killers of reality, of eternal truth? Is the death of humanity and reality through artificial, false, seductive realities not caused by these medias and the power and interest groups behind these medias? Could there be greater torture than this? 

No wonder why Goethe said, “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free”! 


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