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Burning winter in Europe, freezing global calm before the storm, reviving peace in Balkans

The headline says it all, really. 

But, “how?” you ask with good reason. 

I will be tracing the answer to this question here today. 

The world needs us, while we need the truth. This is the real headline for this article. It is very comprehensive, and in-depth, but shattering and comprehensive to the extent it cannot be discussed duly in a single article. 

This should perhaps be a book title. 

Anyway, I will get to the point. 



The world is being driven to the verge of great chaos, into uncertainty, step by step. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is about to turn into a nightmare for Europe this winter. 

A burning winter awaits Europe. 

The U.K.’s The Economist magazine took subtle pleasure in publishing a cover in previous weeks with the title, “Europe’s Coming Winter Peril.” 

It has truly been enough for Russia to cut it natural gas supplies to show that Europe is in for a burning winter this year. 

Hence, Europeans will be going on a “burning winter holiday.” 

Türkiye is on top of the list among these countries. 

Mediterranean coasts are invaded by Russian, German, British, and Ukranian permanent “tourists”! 

Why is it that those who fume at the Arabic shop signs don’t say a word about the European temporary and permanent refugees settling in our cities along the coastal line from Mersin to Izmir, and the Russian, German, and English signs? 




As Europe prepares for a burning winter, the world is preparing for a freezing silence before the storm.  

China is on its way, for example. 

China’s coming raises curiosity, bringing up heaps of questions as well. 

The world will see one more time the kind of dragon China is! 

We have no idea what China is doing, the sorts of weapons it has been producing. We don’t know what it is preparing for. Nobody has any idea what it is running towards, because China is a closed society. 

It is closed to the world, but is it open to its own people? Of course not. 

China terrorizes its own people. 

It is keeping silent for now, giving messages without speaking. It is undermining the American hegemony. 

This is certain. 

It has been progressing silently and deeply for almost the last half century in Africa, in the Arab world, in the Turkic world, in Europe, and in Latin America. 

In all my visits to Africa, I saw how deeply China is settling in everywhere. 

It is building colonies and placing Chinese merchants in those colonies. Omer Lutfu Berkan had described the Akinjis (irregular light cavalry), the Alperens (fighters), who realized the Ottoman conquests as “colonizer dervishes.” This, of course, is an incorrect and twisted definition. It is incredible that he describes his own history, his own civilization journey through terrible Western concepts, and also implies (whether knowingly or not) that the Ottomans produced an imperialist experience! 

While the West put out Andalusia's light, which enlightened Europe, through massacres, inquisitions, exiles, and elimination, using barbaric methods, we entered the Balkans without war, without shedding any blood. We called the “door,” the city through which we entered the Balkans, namely Belgrade, as Darussalam, the abode of peace. We turned everywhere we set foot into a land of peace, justice, and humanity. 

In reference to Berkan, I will correctly say that the Chinese are settling in everywhere around the world through colonizer merchants. 

What China is doing today in Turkestan is a sign of what it will do in the world tomorrow. It would be foolish to expect China to contribute to world peace while it causes great suffering to the oppressed Uyghur people in East Turkestan! 

But none of this should stop us from building strategic relations with China against American imperialism. We will swallow a bitter pill, strengthen our relations with China, and prevent more effectively China’s tortures in East Turkestan. Otherwise, China would not even heed us! 

I still say, damn Chinese imperialism! 



Balkan history was written in blood and tears throughout time. 

There was an exception to this. The Balkans was an island of peace only once in history, and that was when the Ottomans reigned over the Balkans. 

Horrible borders were drawn after the Ottomans withdrew. 

How can these borders limit us? 

We used to enter Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia without a passport. 

We will continue to enter without a passport. 

We will put an end to the restriction of borders. 

The Danube will be liberated, and bring relief to hearts. It will join its sister, the Nile, and sing to the world. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued on to Serbia following his visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and then to Croatia. 

These visits are important: 

Türkiye is the only country that guarantees peace in the region! 

Please pay attention: 

The U.S. is heaping up weapons in the Balkans. 

We are sowing the seeds of brotherhood. 

We are growing trees of peace. 

We are building, while the Americans and Europeans destroy. 

We are building bridges of peace, brotherhood, and trust, and the Americans and Europeans are sowing the seeds of hostility, destruction, and disorder! 

As I write this, President Erdogan is inaugurating the Islamic Culture Centre built in Croatia under the history-making the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). 

I looked not at what President Erdogan said, but into his eyes. I also looked in the eyes of the audience through the screen. All eyes were emanating incredible rays. Rays of hope.  

As the son of the Ottoman Empire opened out his wings of mercy and compassion to all of the Balkans, the children of the Balkans listened in curiosity, a little hesitantly, and with great admiration to the son of the Ottoman Empire. 

The Balkans, the Caucasus, the Turkic world, the Arab world, they are all looking at us, waiting for us to recover, and help bring our region back on its feet! 

When we arrive, the bloodsucking imperialists will leave. 

When we come, a new world will be established. 

Our arrival depends on us raising leading generations that will build the civilization of truth. 

In other words, it depends on us raising selfless, enduring, loyal leading generations that will skillfully carry out and grow our civilization idea in thinking, art, science, and in literature. 



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