Was it a conspiracy? - İSMAIL KILIÇARSLAN

Was it a conspiracy?

Recently, I have been witnessing such spirts of brilliant minds and intelligible people. that it's a wonder this much is possible.

On one hand this mind claims that a group of aliens are killing the civilians, soldiers and police officers in our geography called Southeastern Anatolia; on the other hand it is being said that all of these aliens were organized by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

According to this brilliant mind that has a tendency to clear the outlawed PKK's name of the contemptible actionsthey have carried out, the AK Party and Tayyip Erdoğan are actually responsible for everything. They have been preparing all kinds of climate of violence since Suruç. Of course, this time the aim is to reach 400 deputies, strengthening the dictatorship they had established.

Of course you can't ask this brilliant mind “with fullydemocratic elections how can the dictatorship strengthen?”

Refusing to be related with such kind of questions, they do their job. As long as we can't ask that question, we can't ask this question either: “Since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AK Party are organizing everything and they will take the advantage of the climate of violence; why doesn't the outlawed PKK immediately lay down arms and spoil this bloody and violent game? Why do they continue exploding the mines, killing the people and using suicide bombers? Why do they attempt things like autonomy? Why doesn't the outlawed PKK spoil this game set by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AK Party with a small move?”

Also, when you try to interpret what is going on recently with “great interpretations”, there is one sentence you hear: “Forget about these conspiracy theories.”

Well. I don't already like the thing called “conspiracy theory”. But, just because I don't like it, that doesn't mean that I will ignore that there are some conspiracy theories targeting Turkey.

Namely, I won't ignore that some issues are actually the heart of the matter which these brilliant minds say “forget about it”.

I am the man who simply wonders why Germany and the German press approach the outlawed PKK and the HDP with an endless tolerance. As I wonder this, I also wonder why most of the mines the outlawed PKK replaced into the roads are made in Germany.

I am the man who simply wonders why some social media accounts of the HDP are administrated by the same panel with some parallel, Gülen-led group social media accounts.

I also wonder why some photos taken in Damascus, Gaza, and Aleppo being attributed to Turkey are trying to be served to the world media.

I am the man who simply wonders why terror started just after the thesis “By giving Mosul and Kirkuk to Turkey they want to solve the Middle East issue mentioned in the Israeli press.”

I wonder why the sentence “With a plebiscite, Aleppo can join Turkey” is mentioned, and just after it, terror starts.

I am the man who simply wonders why Turkey, which some others have tried to compare to Egypt with Gezi events, and to Greece with December 17-25 coup attempts, was trying to be dragged by others into a Syria model when all of these did not happen.

I also wonder why the oligarchic capital, parallel, Gülen-led group, the outlawed PKK and the remains of the old regime are in cooperation altogether.

If wondering about all of these is making conspiracy theory, I think I am currently one of the most important conspiracy theoreticians of Turkey. But I am sorry. I think the things I wonder about are not the conspiracy theories, but are exactly the conspiracy set against Turkey.

Look, I can understand this. The outlawed PKK can start a revolutionist public movement altogether. The cost of this movement, whose results will be very heavy for both the outlawed PKK and Turkey, will be paid mutually by both.

Finally, I say, “What a pity”, but even this is better than the outlawed PKK's entering a contemptible tender, aggrieving the people whose rights it claims it has been defending.

Because a war in which the enemy is the enemy and the friend is the friend is better than a war, in which the enemy is a betrayer and the friend is a traitor…

What was Murakami saying: “Now watch, my pilgrim. Those who blame you for creating a conspiracy theory are the ones who have the right to make the best of all the conspiracies when it comes to the 400 deputies issue. The short circuit burns out then.”


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