Petty degenerates - İSMAIL KILIÇARSLAN

Petty degenerates

Today it will be like this. Today, I will write clearly and directly. Because, it's necessary to tell this hypocrisy, lowliness clearly and directly.

Assad killed 300,000 (three hundred thousand in words) people. It's being estimated that at least 100 thousand of those were children. However, these petty degenerates are trying to hide from Turkey for the last 5 years that Assad is a “child killer.” Besides, some of them are even receiving money in exchange.

When a chemical bomb was used in Ghouta and while corpses of children were lying right in front the eyes of the whole world; what do you think these petty degenerates were busy with? You got it. They were busy saying, “There is no evidence showing that Assad conducted this massacre.”

While a doctor was trying to bring a 3-year-old child, who was about to die, back to life with the last oxygen tube he had, he was shouting at the world' “şuf, haza erhabi – look, this is a terrorist.” What were these petty degenerates doing at that moment? You got it. They were saying, “ISIL is chopping people's heads.” For them, the killing of people by the terrorist organization called ISIL was “really bad”; however, the killing of people by the terrorist organization called Baas was “acceptable”.

Turkey was giving a humanity lesson to the world while opening its doors to 2.5 million Muslim, Ezidi, Dürzi, Nusayri, Arab, Kurd and Turkmen people. What were those petty degenerates doing? You got it. They were making a fuss like “What are they doing in our country?” They were letting it all fly against Turkey, due to the fact that maybe 50 to 100 thousands of those 2.5 million people had a shelter problem.

What do you think these petty degenerates were doing while those immigrants were trying to hold on to life in various cities in Turkey? You got it. They were preparing “We don't want Syrians in Yalova” banners and garnishing the city with them. They were making “No to immigrants in our city” campaigns. They were turning the “500 thousand Syrians will leave Gaziantep and 500 thousand tourists will come” words into an election promise. While the imprecatory dictator Assad was killing his own community, they were taking intimate and close poses with him. Is there anything worse than this?

Correct. Some immigrants were begging in big cities out of hopelessness, and “human chests” were cadging. How did these petty degenerates react to this? You got it. They were sending “We don't want to see them in Nişantaşı, Teşvikiye or Cihangir” tweets to the universe. They were writing things, which would make you feel ashamed or fall into despair about humanity, with dictionaries.

Now, the corpse of an immigrant corpse had been washed up ashore. He has the smiles of angels on his beautiful face. It's burning the heart, conscience and humanity of whoever gazes at it.

Now, listen to me, petty degenerate. Did you think that we would forget that you would be the last person to be “sensitive” towards that child? Did you think that we couldn't feel that you were acting like a human while saying “this world should sink”? Did you think that we cannot understand that you were acting, just because it looks nice for you to be sad for the death of a child? Did you think that we didn't know that your conscience, humanity and heart have dried out? Did you think that we don't know that you were classifying the dead children according to where they belong to?

Petty degenerate. Now flex your sensitivity. Besides, do this even by making a fool of us all. Once again, attempt to get that petty dictator, who has been killing his own community for the past 5 years, back to his feet. Say, “Turkey is responsible for the death of that child.”

Actually, come on, pick one of those Syrian children, whom you hate, and flex your sensitivity. Since that photo is so touching, put on your pose. Hide the fact that you even consider a bowl of soup to be too much for a wretched being. Act like a “human” over the people, who you don't even value more than your pet or rim.

What was Jim Morrison saying? “Brother, they think that maybe we swallow this. This is why they are trying to make of a fool of us all.”


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