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Comments reflecting bias

I will cast my ballot for Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nepal, Gaza, and Ramallah.

I will vote for whoever lends a hand to the oppressed people throughout the world. Whoever the destitute prays for before they sleep, and whoever the Bosniaks refer to as “our people…” Those who never tasted poverty, oppression and helplessness once in their lives, and turn away from the poor, oppressed and helpless people by saying, “it is none of our business” will not receive any votes and will be left empty handed.

I will vote for the Sunni, Nusayri, Yazidi, Druze, Kurdish, Turkmen, Arab, Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

I will vote for whoever has opened the doors of my country to each refugee who was oppressed by the ongoing war, -not making any distinctions based on their religion, sect, nationality, and political ideologies. I will not even give a glass of water on a rainy day, let alone my vote to the fascist who said, “500,000 refugees will leave Gaziantep and 500,000 tourists will come,” or the Kemalist who said, “I will send the refugees back to their country,” or a killer dictator or someone who took photographs with such dictator who killed his own people.

I will vote for Muhammed Morsi, Khaled Mashal and Rashid al-Ghannushi.

I will vote for the people who are not scared to raise their voice against the plots and schemes throughout the world, who wed 2,000 couples in Gaza, who sent money to Egypt and arms to the Turkmen fighters, and the men whom Mashal referred to as “our hope” and whom Ghannushi said “I pray for you.” Those who detest the Islamic movements throughout the world, who refer to Israel as the “authority,” and those who kiss the feet of their “masters” in Palestine, Egypt, Syria and Tunis will not receive my vote, let alone take away any of my sins.

I will vote for my father.

I will vote for my father who went to a dervish convent on February 28, 1997, which was raided by the gendarmerie on that day. I will vote for whoever says, “The dervish convent you went to is our convent too” to my father, who never caused any harm to his country, or was ever hostile to his homeland, and who was a man who immediately repented even if he harmed an ant. Whoever looks down on my father's beard, his religious cap, and my mother's remembrance of God, will not receive my vote, but my test of their depth. I'll say don't come near me.

I will vote for my sister.

I will vote for my sister who had the potential to study one of the brilliant programs in one of the best universities of Turkey, but said, “I cannot write the exam with a wig on my head brother” (due to the restrictions imposed on headscarves back then). I will vote for whoever ensured people like her to have “equal rights as citizens” in universities, high schools and middle schools. And for those who cannot tolerate seeing women with headscarves with the exception of those who clean their houses, I will not give my vote but rather give them advice. This is what I will tell them: “Change your mindset.”

I will vote for those who strongly stood up against the treason gang.

I will vote for those who stood up like a lion –regardless of the motive- and said “you will be brought to account” to those who referred to Israel as the “authority,” who referred to Mavi Marmara as “the white Marmara, green Marmara, whatever Marmara” and those who said “the kid died for nothing” to Furkan Doğan's death in Mavi Marmara.

I will vote for the Yuruk peasants (Turkısh nomads), the elderly who get appointments from hospitals, the truck drivers who no longer have difficulty on the roads, and the aunties who barely finished elementary school but can outdo university professors with their knowledge. I will vote for the congregation at the mosque who see the fact that we no longer have any martyrs as a reason to be thankful, and those who establish chains of reciting verses from the Holy Qur'an for the help of God.

Yes. I will vote for them. I, as the person who never reflected my bias throughout my life, am explicitly saying for the first time that I will vote for them.

And I also say these:

If you forget that you got your vote from Somalia, Bosnia, Nepal, Gaza, and Ramallah… Your vote from Morsi, Mashal and Ghannushi… If you forget that you get your vote from my father, my sister, Mavi Marmara and Furkan, you're going to get in trouble.

We're really exhausted, brothers. We got really stressed. I am giving you my vote with the condition that you resolve this exhaustion, and this societal tenseness, and this sociological tightness. So that you can also carry out a political performance, which will even sooth those who did not vote for you.

You need to establish a “new Turkey” where everyone, including Alevis, Kurds, the Roma people and each person living in Turkey, receives the “equal treatment” they deserve as citizens. I will take a stand against –just like always- you, in case you become vulnerable in this regard.

We don't care about the so-called independent and brave ones anymore. We have no patience to tolerate anyone because of our love for you. We will also not hesitate to say, “This is it”, if you fail to fulfill your duties regarding the establishment of social justice, horizontal development and proper urban policies, as well as issues regarding the cultural vision.

What did Churchill say again: “Let's hope for the best, brothers. We are on your side. And we expect you to be right beside us, too. That's all.”


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