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Salah, Jerusalem, Israel and NATO

“Neither prison nor captivity can stop us from defending al Aqsa or struggling against the Judaization plans. Raed Salah went to the Israeli prison saying this. Yesterday his nine-month sentence started. The Israeli court's justification? Aha. I guess you are crazy. For God's sake, Israel is in question, what justification are you talking about? The presence of Raed Salah himself is the justification itself.”

For those who can ask “Who is this Raed Salah?” let me explain briefly. He was born in 1958; this good-humored Palestinian man served from 1989 to 2001 as the mayor of Umm al-Fahm. The year he left duty he chaired the Palestine Islamic Movement. In May 2010 during the illegal and immoral raid he was on the Mavi Marmara Flotilla.

He was at top of the death list of the Israeli soldiers who got on board. They really wanted to kill him, but could not succeed.

Among the Turkish public, Salah has been mostly known as the “Guardian of Jerusalem.” However, he has been working day and night to free Al Aqsa compound and Jerusalem from the Zionists. Nobody ever witnessed that he was afraid of anyone other than God.

These sentences are from the interview during Salah's visit to Yeni Şafak newspaper in 2014: “We should know it well that Mavi Marmara is not a one-time or short-term project. On the contrary it has a permanent message to the world and all of humanity. It calls all the people of this world to break the Gaza blockade. That's why I say again and again, loyalty to Mavi Marmara and the martyrs of Mavi Marmara have to be protected and this case should never be given up. The important thing was the starting point and this was succeeded. Now we have an obligation to continue it. When we think about its end, whatever the result is we will be winning. We have no doubt about it. Because we are on the right path, whereas Israel that is in the wrong as it imposed the blockade.”

And the most important statement of the conversation is: “Today Turkey is showing a sensitive attitude like a mother who cannot sacrifice her child, and is proving this once more by embracing all those oppressed with open arms.”

Meanwhile, as the news was spreading that Salah would go to Israel prison, another news began to spread. It was being said that Turkey gave up “vetoing Israel in NATO,” which was the red line it has been protecting with care for years.

Frankly, I first approached this news like the “Our trade with Israel is constantly increasing” kind of news. Because this was a conscious propaganda of a faction that wanted to damage the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) attitude toward Israel. Why? Because buying from the Palestinian people and selling to them go onto record as “trade with Israel.” Not disclosing this important piece of information and saying “Our trade with Israel is constantly increasing” is ruthless. For example, I ordered a leather bag online. It was handmade by Gazan craftsmen. The bag I received had “Made in Israel” written on it. The same goes for staple productions such as dates and olives. I mean there is nothing that does not make sense in this issue.

But the news “Turkey lifted NATO's veto of Israel” is not like that. It is true.

Before starting to write, in order to learn the truth of the issue I made several phone calls.

Nobody who I spoke to gave or could give the smallest piece of information on by whom and for what reason this veto was removed.

Actually whoever it is, the removal of the veto can be accepted under one condition only: Removing Israel's embargo on Gaza unconditionally and permanently.

Otherwise it is obvious that Gaza's attempts to defend itself or break the embargo will be evaluated as an “attack on NATO.”

Namely, public opinion should urgently be enlightened for what reason, with which motive and why the veto took place. Otherwise, many inquiries will be collected and these inquiries will be unjust.

What was Raed Salah saying? “We are the defenders of a single cause with the Turkish people. Jerusalem and Al Aqsa have united us. We have a common 500-year Ottoman history. It shouldn't be forgotten how the Ottoman Empire protected Palestine and Jerusalem. Sultan Abdulhamid II's statement, 'Oh Muslims, unite!' needs to be interpreted really well. These are very important points.”


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