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Towards the election briefly

-In this election, how much conversation was made over the “indecisive voter”? According to some experts, this time the rate of the indecisive people is 14 percent. If they establish a party, they get into the parliament with 100 deputies. On top of it, 100 percent of this, 14 percent of the group, is alleged coming from AK Party. If this 14 percent remains to be indecisive, a coalition is waiting for the country and so on.

Why don't you properly call it “with such weird comments we are trying our luck”? What is this indecisiveness? There is only “the voter who doesn't say which party he will vote for” to the pollster.

That's around 5 percent. This 5 percent evaporates in the last week. We cannot find a single voter getting up in the election morning who thinks, “By the way, which party I should vote for?”

The choice of the people always disappoints the desires of these excessive expert elder brothers. Since there is a memory problem in Turkey, in the next election rising again, they will continue making sentences as “indecisive voter”. Because these expert elder brothers and sisters love “marketing hope” for the political parties. Of course, they even don't care about which wounds they make in the society with these hopes they market.

-Once more I want to remind. The most surprising issue of this election is whether HDP exceeds the threshold or not. Here, instead of the percentages that the survey firms give, the number of the votes HDP will receive can give us more of an idea. In the presidential election Demirtaş received 3.95 million votes, which was 9.76 percent. Thanks to those famous experts who also pointed out that the election language he established and CHP's reactionary votes effected the votes Demirtaş got.

Let's also remember that in the presidential elections voter turnout was 73.72 percent. If the electoral turnout remains the same, 41.2 million people will have gone to the ballot boxes. This means 4.12 million votes will exceed the threshold. If we calculate the electoral turnout as 85 percent, the situation changes. The number of the required vote for exceeding the 10 percent threshold suddenly increases to 4.76 million votes. In that case, the most significant question concerning HDP is: If the electoral turnout becomes actualized as 85 percent as expected, could HDP find the extra 800 thousands of votes that it needs?

-I think as the awesome analyst of Genar, Mustafa Şen, says, “Twenty percent of every 100 voters for AK Party who don't go to the ballot boxes will have voted for HDP,” he certainly means this turnout calculation.

-In this election, there are two parties I am curious about what they will do. The first one is Huda-Par, the second is Felicity.

Because this is an election which we can obviously see whether it has social provision or not.

Will they hope for the next step or will they regress into a “politically dead” position?

I am waiting for the evening of June 7.

-Those battle buses, this visual pollution… Even if some call it “democracy feast”, it's indisputable that the thing that occurred is a cacophony. Displaying the flags and noisy election vehicles should quickly become history.

-My judgement on this issue will never change. The threshold system in Turkey by all means should be changed. It is not difficult to implement parliamentary mathematics that we can be represented by a 1 percent slice. Perhaps the deputyship formula can be enabled. I mean; a way can be found for a part of the deputies to be elected according to the percentage slice that their party takes. Or a totally different formula can be presented. For example, the problem that the Felicity Party, with 1 million votes, and HDP, with 4.5 million votes, are not going to be represented in the parliament is a very severe problem for me.

-For me the most offending event in this election process is; the members of HDP killing two people named Mehmet Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan in Şırnak's Kozluca village.

Those names like Hüda Kaya and Sırrı Süreyya Önder, from who “we expect to show sensitivity”, and the attitude that they showed and/ or could not show has decreased my hope some more.

If the “big humanity” will rise to the top on the blood of the others, then I won't be interested in it.

It is obvious that an HDP that has a mentality like “Thieves don't originate from our town “will neither contribute to itself nor the Turkish politics.

-What are we going to talk about after the election? Speaking for myself, since I establish the relationship with the daily politics of “what I am giving and getting in return”, whatever I speak about today, I will continue to speak about that afterwards. But of course…the Islamists of Turkey will loudly review the semi-problematic relationship they established with AK Party. They will fundamentally criticize AK Party initially on the issues of social justice, cultural vision, urbanization and wasting

This is neither an expectation nor a hope… A determination I saw in tens of, hundreds of people.

Metin Karabaşoğlu wrote for example “We will not abstain from supporting AK Party and criticizing it. If we don't do either, it will be a big injustice”. Standing at the point where brother Metin stands, we will transmit the voices of the people louder any more.

I have almost no doubt.

What was Gandhi saying: “The first of your name is the blood of my blood, my nephew. Let's vote for Starks in this election. Because winter is coming.”


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