Never abandon your positions! - HÜSEYIN LIKOĞLU

Never abandon your positions!

DATE: Nov. 14, 2015

“President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gets news from Georgia where he has gone for an official visit to hold accession talks. At a time when he is at his most powerful and is taking the world by storm, where did the overthrow of government come from? It is unbelievable. After a brief assessment, he decides to return home. Somehow people will fill the squares and resist the coup, and anti-coup resistance will be symbolized just like in Egypt’s Tahrir and Rabaa squares. Alas! Not even a single person came to welcome the president. Highly disappointed by the idea that he was abandoned and left in the lurch by his admirers, the president is arrested at Silivri Airport, and first brought to the Silivri Prison, to the jail which is hastily built on Ekinlik Island.”

These sentences are included in the book, Rövanş, which the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) wrote in early 2014. I will not analyze the book. It is quite a different issue. If necessary, I can write an article that addresses the story of the book and the real authors of the book who wrote in pseudo names. But now I will discuss another issue.

As the lines above reveal, FETÖ terrorists made all preparations for the coup. However, they did not calculate something. More precisely, they miscalculated. What is that? People would take to the streets. If people had not taken to the streets as they planned, they would have succeeded in the coup.

Do we all remember the footage of Kerim Balcı, FETÖ’s Israel-based imam, who was recently ridiculed by Turkish citizens in the U.K. because of what he said on the night of the coup?

While Balcı was instigating putschists on FETÖ’s television on the night of July 15, he suddenly saw that Erdoğan invited people to the streets during a live broadcast. Then, he was appalled and stood stock-still before the television. Why do you think he was petrified so much? Because their scenario was based on the idea that people would not pour onto the streets. FETÖ’s plans were disrupted when people took to the streets. 

Why do I remind of you this? FETÖ’s new scenario includes an effort to prevent people from going to the streets– which is unfortunately running like clockwork. Nowadays, all of us are witnessing unnecessary practices that will cause the nation to despair. We often hear complaints like: “Was this what we risked our lives for on the night of July 15?”

Last week, I wrote an article titled “Those who work by FETÖ’s agenda” which received incredible feedback, tens of examples and hundreds of complaints. Someone wants to tire people so that they cannot react. FETÖ’s agenda is running. Anyone who was profiled by FETÖ in the past continues to pay the price. FETÖ harasses those who first ran to the streets on the night of July 15.

FETÖ’s profiling is observed and taken as a basis in promotions and assignments to senior positions. No one considers the damage that FETÖ caused in the state. The price of the Izmir spy plot is still being paid. The question, “Why was he not promoted despite taking his life in his hands in the fight against FETÖ,” is answered, "He has some moral weaknesses, and is a bit of an alcohol addict, and he likes money." But who made these records in the state? No one is asking this.

Someone wants to offend people who will unhesitatingly take to the streets in a new coup attempt. Someone wants to make people indifferent to Erdoğan. Someone is trying to aid FETÖ.

Make a note of all the injustices you face in hospitals, in police, in judiciary, in the tax office, in traffic and in all government offices. But never turn your back on the state and Erdoğan and leave your positions even if you hear he has signed your death warrant. Above all, do not be fooled by those who say FETÖ has been eliminated for the sake of prizes. Strengthen your positions even further for the biggest standoff. Following this, we will hold those who have done all this to account.


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