Both a great war and great betrayal - HÜSEYIN LIKOĞLU

Both a great war and great betrayal

We faced a terrorist attack conducted by imperialists who wanted to destroy us 100 years ago and who have not given up their desire since then. The attack came on the day when the constitutional amendment, which will pave the way for a fully independent and great Turkey, was introduced to Parliament. Indeed, the day when the terrorist attack occurred in Istanbul is very important. The repulse of the July 15 invasion attempt greatly irritated some people. It was predicted that they would go to all lengths of villainy to take revenge on this nation. The messages conveyed by the U.S. and Europe were the clearest signs of it. It was obvious that the West, which embraced all terrorists, was in preparation for a major attack on Turkey. That attack took place on the same day the constitutional draft was presented to Parliament.

At a time when Turkey-EU relations were very pleasant, a Western diplomat was asked, “Relations with Turkey are very good. Even so, why are you fiddling with Turkey so much? He answered, "We can never stop Turkey, if we do not stop it today.” For this reason, all universal values are being violated and all terrorist organizations are being nourished against Turkey. The killing of hundreds of children, women, elderly and civilians in Syria every day is ignored and even supported. This is why they want to establish a terror corridor to the north of Syria. They want to achieve their goal which they left unfinished 100 years ago.

We know they have nurtured a grudge against us, since we rejected the Treaty of Sevres. We know they have laid traps against us, since we gained our independence with the Turkish War of Independence. We know they sowed discord among us through mandatary elements. We know they tried to suppress us by inflicting tutelage on us with coups. We know they supported all coups starting with the 1960 coup. Turkey took a step toward destroying all these schemes with the constitutional amendment which was offered to Parliament on the day of terror attack. Therefore, we need to analyze well who supported the Istanbul attack.

The system which was established through the execution of one prime minister and two ministers during the 1960 coup is over. The bloody power of some circles will end with the new constitution. Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was very serious while saying, “You cannot change the system without bloodshed.” Great dangers and attacks are lying ahead of us until the constitutional draft is approved in a referendum. Considering Kılıçdaroğlu's offer that they will “repudiate the constitutional amendment even if it is approved by 98 percent of public,” it can be said such attacks will continue after the referendum. We are fighting the second war of independence. We must base all our calculations on this fact.

Turkey is on the verge of a big change and big attack. It may be exposed to great attacks especially during the discussion of the constitutional amendment in Parliament and the referendum process. We also know who will conduct these attacks and who will instigate them. The enemy is starting to show itself. We need to further increase measures. All diplomatic missions in Turkey must be closely followed in this process. All NATO bases and ports, and especially İncirlik, must be observed. All diplomatic immunities must be suspended. In particular, the means of diplomatic missions should be investigated if necessary.

Turkey is full of agents in the guise of journalists and nongovernmental organization representatives, against who urgent measures must be taken. Turkey must investigate the institutions where these so-called journalists work, whether they really exit, what their financial networks are and whether they deploy correspondents in any other country.

We are facing a great war and a great betrayal. It is time to tell those who forgot the Battle of Çanakkale and Sakarya and did not learn from the July 15 coup attempt that the Turkish nation has greater resistance.


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