End of an era with the US - HÜSEYIN LIKOĞLU

End of an era with the US

We are undergoing the most fragile period of history with the U.S. We attribute this crisis to various reasons, with some of us chastising the U.S.’s policy on Iraq and Syria or its support for Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) and others believing that it is because the of U.S.’s avoidance of extraditing Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists. While some criticize Turkey's policies, others castigate the U.S. While some suggest "Turkey should tread carefully," others say "Turkey should pursue a stricter policy."

More than all this can be said. Yes, all this is causing the strain of Turkey-U.S. relations. But this is not the reason why the relations with the U.S. have come to a breaking point. The reason is that the relationship system between Turkey and the U.S. had surpassed its due date after World War II.

In the New World Order created after World War II, a network of relations based on anti-communism was established between Turkey and the U.S. Turkey would become an outpost in the U.S.’s fight against communism, and the U.S. would meet various needs of Turkey, especially in the field of security.

After World War II, the U.S. thought that Europe, helpless against the Soviet expansion, had to be strengthened both materially and spiritually. The aid to be offered to European countries was named after Secretary of State George Marshall who was the mastermind of this idea. At a meeting in Paris in 1947, an organization called the Organization for European Economic Co-operation was founded to address the urgent needs of Europe. Turkey was initially excluded but was included in the Marshall Plan on Apr. 3, 1948.

The anti-communist cooperation that started with the Marshall aid continued until today. Perhaps, Turkey had to make those agreements in accordance with the conditions of the time. I am not looking back to accuse anyone, but we have to analyze the past to understand the current situation.

What happened after the Marshall aid? Many of our issues, including education, health, security, and agriculture, came under the direction of the U.S.. Nuri Demirağ's aircraft factory was closed down because the U.S. wanted it so. Nuri Killigil's gun and ammunition factory in Sütlüce was blown up for the same reason.

Şakir Zümre, who founded the first private factory of Turkey's defense industry at the request of Atatürk and produced the first weapons and ammunition and the first Turkish submarine water bombs for the Turkish Air Forces and Turkish Land Forces, gave up producing weapons in 1949 and became a stove producer.

Adnan Menderes was executed because he contacted Russia. We could not launch an operation in Cyprus in 1964 because we could not use the weapons we bought from the U.S., and sat back and watched the massacre of hundreds of Turkish Cypriots. This is why the siblings’ quarrel in Turkey, which was destabilized by the tutelage established on Turkish politics with the 1972 memorandum, occurred. This is why the U.S. said, "Our boys did it,” when the power was seized in 1980.

The death of Turkey’s 8th President Turgut Özal, who wanted the end of the Gladio system in Turkey that the U.S. created through NATO in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union at the end of Cold War, is still suspicious. Because of this, Turkey experienced unsolved murders in the 1990s and a post-modern coup was staged against Erbakan on Feb. 28, 1997.

Now we are facing a new situation. Turkey came to a new crossroad after the treacherous coup attempt of 15 July. It is known who the ringleader of the July 15 treachery Gülen is and who raised him. That is the reason why the U.S. is so infuriated. Turkey reached the entire dark history of Gülen, an ordinary private soldier and an officer who was not yet named a peer in 1963, but established the “Association for Combating Communism” in Erzurum. No one should think that the U.S. has gone mad for the arrest of U.S. Consulate staffer Metin Topuz.

The U.S. is maddened by the fact that Gülen, who it has been harboring for more than half a century, has been uncovered and that the Gladio, which it created with the pretext of anticommunism, has ended. If there are still some reasonable people in the U.S., it would be good to say that the period of U.S.-Turkey relations that started in 1948 is over, that Turkey is no longer the old Turkey and that a new era should be started with the new Turkey.

Old tactics and old tyranny will no longer work. Turkey will never step back. The U.S. needs to know that its old sins will be revealed as long as it resists the new period. Apart from Metin Topuz, there are many other figures and events to be uncovered.


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