Erdogan's biggest achievements over the past 21 years! - HÜSEYIN LIKOĞLU

Erdogan's biggest achievements over the past 21 years!

It has been 21 years since the establishment of the Justice and Development (AK) Party. President Erdoğan summed it up by saying: “Every moment and day that passes us has been crowned with struggle.”

The ruling AK Party was established during the military guardianship period of February 28, which was still in full swing at the time.

Erdogan was imprisoned by court order, with the judiciary under the tyranny of military guardianship. At that time, the fascist judges banned Erdogan from political action.

Blinded by their hostility to religion, they are now promoting statements claiming that "reactionaryism poses a greater danger to the state than the PKK terrorist organization." Thus, they paved the way for terrorist organizations to thrive.

The Welfare Party won most of the municipalities, led by Diyarbakir, Van, and Mardin.

From the point of view of the putschists, the victory of the party that constitutes an extension of the terrorist organization is less bad and harmful than the victory of the Welfare Party.

And then declared their war on everything they see as Islamic. They imposed a headscarf ban in schools and began debating whether or not the streets were public places. They were about to ban the wearing of headscarves in the streets.

Then the security forces left the pursuit of terrorists, mafia members, thieves, brigands, and drug dealers and began pursuing people in turbans and long gowns in the streets.

Instead of the security forces raiding the hotbeds of terrorism, they then began raiding the homes and places of Muslims looking for a haven for their children to learn the Qur’an. There were decisions that prevented children from learning the Qur'an, who did not complete five years out of the eight consecutive years of education.

An alcohol-fueled party for iftar!

And in the period in which the tyranny (military guardianship) prevailed, which pages are not enough to talk about. The Justice and Development Party, which was considered the next spring of hope, was founded under Erdogan's leadership. Every moment and day that passed in the 21 years were filled with struggle.

I will tell you an unforgettable story that shows the disease in the minds of the people who today are saying “we have no problem with religious or halal”.

The story dates back to the month of Ramadan in 2004. Alcoholic beverages at that time were allowed to be served inside Parliament. CHP deputies filled the parliament cafeterias a few minutes before iftar time, and various kinds of alcoholic drinks were prepared on the tables.

When the fasting MPs wanted to go to have their iftar in the cafeteria, either they did not find an empty table or it was as if they were going to have their iftar in a pub-like setting.

In another context, there's not enough space in one or several columns to list all the achievements that have occurred in the past 21 years. Türkiye has witnessed a revolution in all fields in foreign and domestic policy, health, education, defense industry, counter-terrorism, agriculture, and tourism. There is no field that has not seen major leaps.

People who express their opinions and make judgments about democracy and human rights in Türkiye because of their sympathy with the PKK and FETÖ cannot hide and cover up the sins committed by the old Türkiye.

During the past 21 years, Türkiye has witnessed a golden era in the field of democracy and freedom of expression. Despite the obstruction and pressure exerted by the military tutelage rule, Türkiye carried out revolutionary actions regarding "democratization."

Even if it is the only measure, it is more than enough

Even when Türkiye was fighting terrorist organizations the likes of which the world has never seen, such as the FETÖ and PKK terrorist organizations, it did not compromise its basic human rights in any way.

Putting all these things aside and wondering what are Erdogan's greatest achievements in the 21 years, we will find that there are two prominent issues. The first is to tone down the CHP's hatred of religious people and religious values even if they are just pretending to do so.

Although their masks will fall off from time to time, they will keep pretending and their fake faces will remain until 2023.

.The second issue, which is considered the most important, is the detection and eradication of the FETÖ terrorist organization.

Even if all the actions taken by the president in 21 years were negative, and even if he did not make any more leaps, his exposing and radically eradicating the Gülenist organization from the state is no less important than the war of independence.


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