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Twitteristan: meet the virtual country spewing hatred against Muslims

Yesterday, Yeni Şafak published a very important news article, highlighting a report prepared by the Islamic Council in Victoria, Australia, under the title “Islamophobia in the Digital Age.”

According to the report, Twitter leads social media in inciting hatred against Muslims, and nearly 86 percent of anti-Muslim tweets come from the United States, Britain and India.

During the two-year study, between August 28, 2019 and August 27, 2021, India saw the highest number, with a rate of 871,379 anti-Muslim tweets, followed by the United States with 289,248 tweets, and the United Kingdom with 196,376 tweets.

The report emphasized that the rampant Islamophobia in India is the result of the anti-Muslim hate policy pursued by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. In the United States, racist and inflammatory rhetoric exacerbated during the term of former President Donald Trump, and for Britain, the spread of anti-Muslim tweets was due to the issue of anti-immigrant sentiment, and the indifferent racist statements of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

During the two-year study, there were at least 3,759,000 anti-Islam posts on Twitter, and during the examination of posts in 2022, it was noted that there was the equivalent of 86 percent of anti-Muslim content on the Twitter platform, and only 14.8% was removed. Among them, the report summarized its assessment as follows: "Twitter has failed miserably to remove anti-Muslim content."

Meanwhile, another thing that was of note in the report was that Twitter removed only 3 percent of the tweets deemed as Islamophobic.

The report also indicated that politicians' reaction to events related to Islam could have an impact on Islamophobia.

According to this study, it is easy to see the growing hatred of Muslims in the organization of Islamophobia, and that the Twitter platform serves as a union of Britain, the United States and India that we can call "Twitterstan".

It is clear to us from India's record, with an average of 871,379 anti-Muslim tweets, that this union carries out activities that are rooted in mob mentality.

Meanwhile, let's recall that the opening of the spice route led to Britain's occupation of India through the East India Company, as it was only launched to disrupt the Silk Road with the aim of keeping the Turks away from world trade.

While following the events that are taking place in India today, we can observe how the Indians were tamed to be slaves of Western culture in that colonial period, in which Britain took possession of everything, and where Brits took to stereotype Indians as a group of idiots.

For example, the guide and routes that an Indian tour company might suggest to you while applying for a tour in Mumbai are entirely related to the history of British colonialism and occupation.

They will recount the following events for you: this gate through which Queen Victoria entered Mumbai, this corner where she stopped with her horse during rest, this building in which she resided, and this street where her handkerchief fell. You can only visit Mumbai at the time and place specified by them.

It is not surprising that they neglect to mention to you the history of the Turkish Mughal Empire, which ruled India and Afghanistan for nearly three and a half centuries. Because this will remind them of the British occupation of the Islamic world, which was under the leadership of the Mongols and then the Ottomans, and the late Turkish thinker Ahmet Hilmi from the city of Plovdiv said: "Britain’s occupation of the lands was not done with the will, determination and strength of their army and navy, but with the power of sedition."

It is expected that this cultural relationship based on occupation and colonialism may lead to a generation with hatred for Muslims in its heart from one center (Britain) and the formation of a union called "Twitteristan" to meet this purpose.

Britain weakened the Muslims by pitting them against each other and then placing them under its tutelage. It's an irrefutable fact that Britain, could not tolerate the presence of Muslims in the past and the fact that they still reside in the cities in question. Britain also ran and managed with the United States of America through obedient Jews.

In the end, the results of the news report are natural in their structure and realism when you look at Indian suburbs, where every twenty people live within an area of five square meters. The people who were enslaved by Britain are still being used as fodder.


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