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Losers ask: What will happen to us?

With the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) clear inherent victory, the choir of evil's excuses to cast a shadow over the people's expectations for today and the future, their demands, hopes and this success for the last five days, has come to an end.

Now they are asking: “What will happen to us?”

This question is a clear indication that those in alliance in enmity toward the AK Party became trapped under that which they announced as their reason for alliance and they were disappointed by those which they trusted.

It is no longer possible for them to talk of an alliance until a new election. In this circumstance it is normal for them to try and get out from under the debris in question and collect their own torn parts, getting into a flap over their own interests.

Hence, a journalist for Doğan Media Group said his wife not only survived the election shock herself by doing pilates, she also treated his shock by telling him, “life goes on.”

It is possible to read this first response to the question “What will happen to us?” at the individual level as:

“We are the aftershocks of the earthquake that started with the Tanzimat reform and developed by toppling the empire and forming a tiny state, and continued with dictatorship, totalitarianism.

It is well-known that we have been deprived of the power of “411 hands up for chaos,” that gave direction to politics, that we have become renegades who talk through both sides of their mouth.

But we are living in this country and as a requirement of guarding the rear, we are going to continue to seek new opportunities to cause disorder and support those who will serve our cause in creating disorder. We will tolerate the new situation while delighting in the private garden of the sultan, working out, touring painting exhibitions and going to concerts and theaters.”

Of course, everybody carrying the identity of this country have the right to live here. Nobody's life space has been restricted in this sense. The restriction of those who feel restricted is related to their own psychology, world view and political preferences; otherwise, a physical or legal restriction is not something that can be foreseen, thought or desired for anybody.

As for political parties asking, “What will happen to us?”...

This isn't a new question for them anyway; parties that have become used to making no progress and losing votes are going to try and find the answers to the question in certain routine (theatricalized) moves ranging from seeking a new leader to changing the constitution.

The answers given and can be given to the relevant question by the parallel structure and Kemalist showmen are, for now, very unclear. One of the main problems with the parallel structure is that, despite losing 100 percent the mental balance of the dark pit in the distance, it is still kept sitting in the leadership post.

The state of this maniac, who associates the disorder he caused with the Quran and Sunnah, and who, due to his being a troublemaker, is thought to be able to call to the Truth, has undergone a change that will render excessive its assessment as a deviation from the doctrine. In other words, as a leader, the black pit in the distance problem is now beyond being a problem of faith and has directly become a mental problem. Hence, modern day chameleons insisting on defining the parallel structure as pure, are pulling their hair out, dumbfounded by the whiny orders of the dark pit in the distance, far from understanding, ethics and consistency.

Hence, finding it difficult to manage and guide the organization, they bow their heads in helplessness against the objections directed at them, unable to do anything but say things like, “but we are pure, we are good, we don't even use cork guns.”

In this case, the responses given to the question, “What will happen to us?” range from, “We need to stop causing disorder and curry favor with the AK Party to save what we have left,” to “Let us continue with our innocence and slander to force them to come to an agreement with us” and “We have lost all hope of reaching an agreement, perhaps if we go back to being human, we might appeal to their mercy.” It seems like they have turned to seek new tactics rather than an answer.

The state of Kemalist showmen is not all that different to that of the parallel structure.

But, even if not mentally, emotionally (romantically), they at least have a symbolic site from which they can request help.
We understand from their writing that they are going to declare a wailing wall the Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, and meet there day and night to gather their strength and for resistance.

Once they achieve this, they are not going to need to ask “What will happen to us?” as they are apparently going to flow like a mad flood over Turkey and wipe out those who carried the AK Party to power.
Looking at their choices and rhetoric, it is possible to reach the conclusion that Kemalist showmen have not yet overcome the election shock and thus they are not in the right state of mind to ask “What will happen to us?”

Of course it is not easy for them to pull themselves together and recover.

Because the moment they said, “union has been ensured within and without, even members of the parallel structure and PKK have been held subject to agreement terms,” is when they received the heaviest blow.



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