How should we defend the cause of Jerusalem? - ÖMER LEKESIZ

How should we defend the cause of Jerusalem?

Discussing something that is "wrong" and wrongfully discussing something are not one and the same.

The latest attempt regarding the U.S. granting Palestinian territory to Israel is a huge mistake and the last of the chain of errors starting from the abandonment of Palestinian territory to British domination to date.

What is most interesting is that in the ledger of history, the said wrongs are recorded as losses in the name of Muslims and profit in the name of Jews and Christians. The British opening Palestine to Jewish migration, the founding of the Jewish state, the invasion of Jerusalem and, recently, its recognition by the U.S. as Israel’s capital are some of the most well-known malpractices.

Efforts to constantly keep relevant crimes on the agenda and exploring their many aspects in efforts to reveal the facts regarding Palestine and Jerusalem, first and foremost provide the foundation for wrongful discussions of these very mistakes.

For example, asking and finding the answer to a burning question such as, “Who allowed Erich von Falkenhayn, who submitted Jerusalem to the British without firing a single bullet, to be assigned in Istanbul by Germany in 1917 to assist the Ottoman army and transfer the headquarters he formed here to Aleppo, thus, settling in the heart of the Syrian and Palestinian defense?” is unnecessary.

What has happened has happened and this question is not so burning that it encompasses the whole issue. This is because it is impossible for Germany, with which we were dragged into an alliance under the conditions of that day, to remain outside of the new Crusades and support the Ottomans, regardless of its position against other Western states. Looking at it from this perspective, no question produced without determining that the main aim of the war game exhibited by the hand of the West consists of destroying the Ottomans through Jewish and Christian solidarity, in other words, ending Islam’s dominance, has any value.

U.S. President Donald Trump, with the support of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Oman and Egypt, announced the new Palestine and Jerusalem plan, with Benjamin Netanyahu at his right hand, hence understanding it, conveying it as a matter within the context of today’s conditions and circumstances alone is wrongfully discussing a wrong.

When we elaborate this a little via Kuwait in terms of seeing the extent of the reaction on social media as, “Kuwait, you are both a Muslim and Arab country, and you are betraying Jerusalem. How could you?” we will first come across the following questions: Who turned Kuwait into an administration and for what purpose? Why was Kuwait, which financed Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war, invaded by Saddam? Who saved Kuwait from the hands of Saddam and for this reason, invaded Iraq? What is the amount of the tribute Kuwait paid to the U.S.? What are the reasons underlying Kuwait’s acceptance of protection by the U.S.-strengthened Israel?

The questions we asked concerning Kuwait also apply to the other Arab administrations supporting the plan to strengthen Israel.

In this case, the jumbled history on Palestine and Jerusalem, each with their different viewpoints and multilateral associations should be shelved, not to forget but to memorize and utilize when the time comes. In the present, in terms of Palestine and Jerusalem, which have been entrusted to us by our forefathers, we need to have a standpoint in accordance with what we have witnessed in the present and the ambition to defend them.

If we get caught up in the past, in the current state, the Jerusalem issue is going to set an example for the surrendering of Mecca and Medina to the U.S. and, consequently, Israel.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor the other governments we mentioned care about this horrific situation.

As brothers that are well networked in mutual hostility, it is not possible to expect an honorable and positive stance from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas on behalf of Palestine and Jerusalem.

Leave glorious history in its deserved position. We are obliged to be quick in finding a way to end the contempt we are experiencing in the present.

We can start by accepting that we deserved being subjected to the wrongs in the past and putting an end to the wrongful discussion of those errors.

The corruption, immorality, enmity, vindictiveness we experience amongst ourselves are the source of wrong discussions.


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