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Parallel shackle

It's obvious that the parallel structure is working with all its might to corrode AK Party and thus create a rulership problem in order to disturb the peace and stability in the country for their organizational benefits.

There is a simple account behind why the parallel structure assigned their media/press opportunities, social media teams (that were formed during Gezi incidents), and their group of brothers/sisters with Jawshans in their hands, to support HDP;

AK Party's rulership will not be prevented in the forthcoming elections. However, if HDP exceeds the threshold AK Party would be pulled to the “critical limit" in the parliamentarian seats and thus AK Party's hands will be tied in making decisions and implementations related with administration.

At the first glance, it seems that there are no problems as the Parallel structure fictionalized its intention and effort in this direction (due to being in the election-axis).

When the matter is observed as a whole, we can see that this fiction in question includes two basic mistakes, like regarding disesteem as esteem and make a fool of the voters, and thus, it's understood that the Parallel support towards HDP will turn into a severe shackle on the election day.

Parallel structure's disesteem issue

The first thing Parallel structure cannot realize is; their assumption that the organization's leader still possesses the reputation he had before his election-based December 17th – 25th coup attempt and that the voters are still treating him as “the man with his head on the kotow" and his personnel as “men of heart".

However, since the opinion, that the Parallel structure might be in every kind of smear like Vatican-type pornography, espionage, managing casinos and doing heroin trades, became a stationary opinion among the voters, it's not possible to compensate for the disesteem ascribed to the leader of the organization, “the black hole in the distance".

From this point on, it's impossible for the Parallel structure to convince people that they are acting for the good of the country and that their intention in the struggle against AK Party is sincere.

Dozens of pieces of information, printed and video documents related with the Parallel structure such as; the “black hole in the distance's" order to acquire the services of judges and prosecutors, prostitute framings, pineapple conversations to cursing sessions, Israel friendship to U.S. and England servility had been carved in the nation's memory with the “not being deceived from the same spot they were deceived" determination.

Making a fool of voters

It's also known by everyone that the Parallel structure did everything they could to prevent the Resolution Process, held on to the “if you shut our schoolrooms, PKK will swallow PKK" arguments against shutting the schoolroom-looking organization units, reported positive steps for the re-establishment of brotherhood in the country to Israel-U.S.-England and Germany as dangerous developments in their behalf, and –in cooperation with some media institutions in those countries- attempted to present Turkey as a country that is sinking and is being dragged towards a civil war.

Let's assume that all of these are forgotten; everyone knows that parallel personnel leaked in to HDP through the back door, made obscure workholding, and that the negotiations that will end with pay off requests happened just recently.

While all these are clear, now the Parallel structure is saying this shamelessly; “don't mind the fact that we've sold our souls to Israel, don't mind all the tricks we've pulled, courses we've changed, conspiracies we've prepared, our falsity, fraud, betrayal and our friendship with the enemies of the nation; just vote for the one we tell you to 'vote' for."

HDP is expecting the following from this: Since the voters are still the “sheep" of the “open votes, secret dissection" period, then they will do this swiftly and with pleasure.

The end of the road is near

The actual support that will backfire is this “support" and the Parallel structure will become a “shackle" for HDP with this “support".

Because, leaving the matters we've mentioned above, the voters will be saying the following with their exceptional effect called “public knowledge".

“Tell me who do you workhold with and who gave you support; and I'll tell you who you are friends with."

Our related proverb is rising above that like the Pleiades in the sky;

-“If you lie down with dogs, you will rise up with fleas."

-“You can't go in the same hole with a snake."

Let me add something by burning the ears of people that love “Bridal Chapter" imitative sayings;

“The nuptial feast cannot be prepared with the enemy's rice."


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