Will we not hold those who defend terrorists accountable for their actions? - MEHMET ŞEKER

Will we not hold those who defend terrorists accountable for their actions?

We have buried our martyrs. Our sorrow is great… The tears we shed for the thirteen people who were kidnapped and martyred by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization have mixed into the soil.

When those terrorists realized that they could not be saved, they executed those civilians.

Now take a good look at those who claim otherwise.

Their statements are solid evidence to help you understand who they really are and what they truly defend.


Whoever attempts to make light of the crimes of terrorists ...

Whoever does not feel this pain in their heart ...

Whoever tries to support the PKK ...

If they mince their words in their statements, if they try to use semantics ...

Know that they are not on our side.

What is in their hearts is definitely not their homeland.

Their hearts beat for terror and terrorists.


On this day when we laid our martyrs to rest, everyone should back off.

Our pain is great, but so is our fury.

We have to be careful with those who try to preach from afar, those who intend to guide us, those who dare to determine our actions.

Let's observe all of them properly.

If we follow the traces of specks of blood in the snow, it will lead us to a familiar face.

At the end of the trail, we will encounter terrorists with blood on their hands.

And we will see those who defend and support them.


There’s a certain someone that everyone knows so well..

He tries to act innocent. And he tries to exonerate certain people as well..

Those people are our so-called allies.

Selahattin Demirtaş of the pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) whom our allies are trying to exonerate as they defend him said things like:

“The PKK will drown you with their spit..”

“We will build the statue of Abdullah Öcalan.”

Do you remember?

We have never forgotten!


There’s a lot more poppycock where that came from.

What was he telling the former prime minister of Turkey about Ankara’s attempt to prevent the PKK/YPG from crossing into the west of the Euphrates?

“They will cross to the west of the Euphrates, and you will watch idly as they do...”

Is he the lawyer or representative of the PKK/YPG? As he serves an unknown master, he oversteps his boundaries with every word that comes out of his mouth.

He’s getting too big for his boots.


And now what shall we do with those who insist on defending them?

What shall we say to those who want them pardoned?

Are we going to act as if nothing had happened as the U.S. sends arms and munitions to the terror organization?

Are we still going to call those who provide engineering support that helped terrorists turn a mountainous enclave into modern headquarters our “allies”?


Aren’t we going to hold accountable all those who walk arm in arm with terrorists, those who kidnap innocent children, and those who leave their moms teary eyed?


If we don’t, then we’re unworthy of the lives we lead.


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