Biden caught cheating once again... - MEHMET ŞEKER

Biden caught cheating once again...

When Joe Biden was once again caught with his cheatsheet, we were reminded that something isn’t quite right with the U.S. president.

They wrote down instructions and handed the sheet to him.

Every move is written step by step. It was hard to believe if we didn't see it with our very own eyes.

“YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants”

What kind of instruction is this?

Let's start with the first line and explain all of them one by one.

No one else will enter, you will. Do not go to another hall, you will head to the room named Roosevelt. Do not greet anyone other than the participants, do not say anything else, and don’t accept candy from strangers.


“YOU take YOUR seat.”

Don't sit anywhere else. Don't wait for someone else to take their seat. Don't stick to the table. The seat is seven steps from where you’re standing. If you take eight steps and try to sit down, you will fall on your tush.


“Press enters.”

Those who will arrive are no strangers. They are just members of the press. Let them come. Don't say why you came. Don't look surprised. That's their job, they take a few photos and videos. Do not be afraid.


“YOU give brief comments. 2 minutes.”

Do not speak for more than two minutes. Just read the text on the paper. You make gaffes when you go off-script. it loses its punch. Try to be tight-lipped. Do not open yourself up to your opponents and enemies. Otherwise, everyone will be laughing at your expense.


“Members of the press will leave the room.”

They don't stop when they're done. They need to write their articles. See them out. Don't worry about where they’re going.


“YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question (Note: Liz will be joining virtually)”

Don't expect questions from Liz. It's your job to ask. You will answer briefly. Aha, that answer is also written here. Don't get confused. Oh beware, Liz is joining virtually. Don’t you dare think it’s real. She will not be in front of you in the flesh but on the screen.


“YOU thank participants.”

When it's over, you have to thank those who were there. It would be a shame if you didn’t. Don't expect thanks from anyone else. When you say thank you, those present will start clapping. There will be applause whether they like what you say or not. Do not be afraid.


“YOU depart.”

Don't just stand there when it's all done. Everyone leaves, but you have to go first. Head for the door. Do not stretch your hand into the void. It is very funny, we are ashamed for our country. Don't embarrass us. Come on tiger, you got this.


We see who runs the U.S. This isn't even a comedy. It’s definitely very dramatic.

Both on behalf of that country and on behalf of the world.

Then they try to boss the world around like bandits.


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