How will Turkey interfere in France’s upcoming elections? - MEHMET ŞEKER

How will Turkey interfere in France’s upcoming elections?

French President Emmanuel Macron came to power in May 2017.

After a five-year term, presidential elections are set to be held again next year.

It seems like election fever has already begun.

Mr. Macron is already thinking, “What if I don’t get reelected?”

It’s a legitimate concern.

Every elected official goes through that.


However, he feels it more acutely.

Despite being called Em“manuel,” his animosity towards Islam is set on “automatic.”

Macron is said to have some serious concerns about the 2022 elections.

And he voiced these concerns at the first opportunity he could find.


When he spilled the beans, we learned about it for the first time along with the rest of the world.

He claimed Turkey might interfere in France’s upcoming elections.

It seems he derived a perverse kind of pleasure from finally discussing an issue that is as sensitive as this one.

Now that he mentioned that nonsense about Turkey interfering in the elections, he can come out and say, “I lost because of Turkey,” if he doesn’t win.

They say that you see the world as you see yourself.

Up until now, in how many countries’ elections have we interfered?


We know that Turkey’s UAVs and combat drones are being taken very seriously by numerous countries, inlcuding Germany, the U.K., Greece and Russia. They even penned so many articles and op-eds on them.

France is also definitely on this list.

The collective conclusion seems to point towards the fact that Turkey has changed how wars are fought on the field with this campaign.

So much so that some countries have felt the need to change their defense strategies as a result.

Not just felt the need, but even sprung into action.

Some defense products they were scheduled to purchase have either been reduced or scrapped.

These are all known facts.

Now let’s turn back to Macron’s concerns...


What will Turkey do?

Will it point voters in a certain direction?

Is it going to influence French media?

Will it hack computer systems and change the results?

Will it influence the decision of Macron voters and make them cast their ballots for someone else?

Or will it send its drones to France?

Upon seeing those drones, will the French people, in a moment of panic, vote for whomever Turkey thinks is suitable for the job?

What is going to happen exactly?


Let’s hypothetically suppose that Turkey did that.

To what end?

When it comes to French elections, is there even one among all the candidates that Turkey could possibly endorse?

Let’s forget about the candidates for a second...

It’s not exactly easy to find anyone in the whole of France - candidate or not – that is affiliated with us or someone we could support.


Let’s shed light on another topic.

Even for just a few seconds, maybe it would put Mr. Macron’s mind at ease.

Yes, Turkey will be dispatching a few things.

Only, they’re just news agencies, not drones.

Several of them in fact.

In addition to the Ihlas News Agency, Anadolu Agency, Demirören News Agency, TRT crews will also be sent to France.

Reporters and cameramen will follow the elections and inform us of the results.

There’s no way they can distort this too, is there?


Before starting this column, I was thinking about inserting a gimmick.

But when talking about Macron, you really don’t need one.


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