The most idiotic plan of the century - MEHMET ŞEKER

The most idiotic plan of the century

It’s supposedly the deal of the century, the peace plan of the century...

That’s what he says, the idiot of the century.

Is there anyone who’s able to remain calm? I can’t.


The deal should be bilateral, at the very least.

Maybe trilateral, maybe pentalateral...

The parties should discuss the matters at hand, start negotiations and sign an agreement.

Then we can speak of a done deal.


Making a decision by oneself, sharing territory, saying this parcel is yours and this one belongs to me, drawing a new map and presenting all of this as a deal is not logical nor is it lawful.

It’s like getting married by oneself: ridiculous and pitiful.

It makes one think: what’s next?


There hasn’t been a more dimwitted president in all of U.S. history.

They want to turn Palestine into a no man’s land through the presentation of a so-called peace plan, the “deal of the century” and take everyone for a fool.

Where is the peace in this? Where is the consensus?


They’re supposedly going to build a New Palestine State.

One that is de-militarized, with only lightly armed police officers.

Their holinesses could not have bestowed their kindness more magnanimously.

When we take a look at the borders of the deal, Palestine’s borders look nothing like a state at all.

It looks like randomly placed Dalmatian spots, all messed up.

Is this how land distribution is supposed to look?

Is this what a state looks like?


What do we see when we take a look at the maps of Palestine and Israel over the years?

An hourglass.

Every year, the sand drops little by little into the bottom and with time, there’s nothing left on the top half.

It will keep on filling and keep on taking, and Israel will grow.


We didn’t reach this state in a single day. Nor in a single year, that’s for sure.

It was a gradual process that developed over the years.

Under the eyes of the entire world.

In front of the Arabs.

In front of the Europeans.

In front of the Americans, Africans, and the useless organization called the United Nations.

So who can really be surprised?

Is there anyone at all who perceives it this way?


If they first take Jerusalem, then the entire Palestinian territories, will they be happy then?

They will keep barbarically going, keep wildly pushing.

Their goal isn’t a secret after all.

The whole world knows.

They’re openly articulating it:

“The promised lands.”

They’re already saying that they will make trouble for us in the future. The goal is clear, the path is clear.


If we don’t say nay to this, they will never stop.

Because it doesn’t look like anyone else will stand against it.

They know this very well and that’s why they’re attacking Hakan Fidan since the day he assumed his position.

We are the ones who should unhesitatingly pledge to them those promised lands. With one difference: That they not be above ground, but under it.


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