Word on the grapevine is that Zelenskyy might not hold on to power beyond 2022 - NEDRET ERSANEL

Word on the grapevine is that Zelenskyy might not hold on to power beyond 2022

They say that Zelenskyy will not hold onto his position until next year, so by these estimates he would stay on for four additional months. After that, a new government, led by the Ukrainian army, would be formed and strike a reconciliation agreement with Russia.

Are the terms and conditions of these estimates and predictions which we put forward above present in Kyiv?

First, to answer this, one must know the nature of the Ukrainian army. It is not so easy to conduct analyses and investigations about the Ukrainian armed forces. However, there are a lot of almost verified predictions that Zelensky did not receive news from the field. We can say with certainty that the same thing is happening in the National Security Service and the Ukrainian intelligence agency because serial dismissals are taking place right before everyone's eyes.

Several things happen within the Ukrainian army: a) the influence of Western elements, b) some are not satisfied with fighting Russia, c) the soldiers are tired, and d) disintegrations can be generalized as continuing to the end.

The main question that can be asked accordingly is, who will carry out the coup?

It is possible that those coups were backed by the United States. They have no objection to concluding a reconciliation agreement with Russia, on the contrary, it is a preferred option for them.

Second: Every day we read news about Western military support for Ukraine, but in fact, no one does anything about it. And they themselves say that the stocks of European countries have decreased enough to threaten their safety and security! It became clear that Germany, Italy, and France were already trying to escape and derail the loophole.

In this context, there is news that America will send $3 billion in promised aid to defense contractors. But this payment takes years to pay off and cannot be a solution.

When we generally look at the news in our media and press, we might think that the United States and Europe are showering Ukraine with support and money. I read a piece on Monday that German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock had pledged to Ukraine that Germany would support it in the war against Russia for years to come if necessary. The joke in Berlin after those statements were that Birbock could leave even before Zelenskyy!

I will give an example: on August 28, the German Court of Auditors issued a report that said: "Spends on pensions and the social system are increasing in an orderly fashion." The Ukrainian war and the Corona epidemic caused an increase in government spending at unexpected rates. As a result, there may not be money left in the state treasury until 2040.” Isn't it like talking about bankruptcy?

There are also fears that the U.S. Congress will grumble. Because everything is connected to the November elections in America, so in Ukraine they do not want American charisma to come beyond their expectations,

Third, they also spoiled the international atmosphere. On August 25, a session was held at the United Nations to vote to condemn Russia, and they were able to collect 58 votes condemning Russia out of 193 countries.

But in March of this year, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling on Russia to immediately stop using force against Ukraine and they were then able to collect the votes of 141 countries!

Fourth: This item is the strongest indication that things and developments have changed. A few days ago, the White House and Biden sent a surprise message of congratulations on Ukraine's Independence Day. Biden mentioned in his letter neither Zelensky nor the Ukrainian government! So this is evidence that Biden is distancing himself.

Fifth: No one talks about victory anymore and everyone is talking about diplomacy, but if the warring parties say, you should see in your eyes the truth of the "white flag" (the flag of peace)

Greece debacle

Since last Sunday, the issue that has been the most talked about by Turkish national security and the Turkish media is that Greece has harassed Turkish F-16 fighters, by tracking them by the radar of the "S-300" system installed on the island of Crete.

And everyone thinks that Athena has been annoying lately. The second simultaneous thing that comes to everyone's mind is the activation and response of our S-400 system.

Because the S-300 system that Greece has was one of the proofs that we were arguing with the United States about. Because their argument was that the Greek S-300 system was not active and was installed on the island. This is evidence that they were aware of that.

The Dedeağaç base in Greece turned into a U.S. base, and following the official opening of the main base, Athens activated the S-300 missile system.

Is their taking this step an invitation to Türkiye to activate the S-400 system? Or a message about Türkiye's purchase of the second batch of S-400 air defense systems, which was talked about some time ago?

In short, we cannot consider this an ordinary event like the confrontations and harassment that took place between Turkish and Greek warplanes before. On the other hand, the issue of Greek provocations should be linked to the impending Turkish military operation in northern Syria.

During the past ten days, there have been extensive international contacts on this subject rather than "cross-border movements" such as the phone call that took place between the Turkish and American chiefs of staff.

Greek interference and harassment were not only carried out on our warplanes but also on the impending Turkish military operation.

But if you are looking for a simple and comprehensive answer to the question of the S-300, the answer is the United States of America!

The chain of events that took place is not the classic, routine confrontations and quarrels between Greece and Türkiye. Do not forget that the Turkish and Greek elections are on the horizon.

Therefore, Athens would like to send a message to the Greek interior that the United States is providing support to us. This means that caution must be exercised.

Türkiye is carrying out its struggle in Syria, and Baghdad is dying and being pushed into new chaos. This is the American Plague. Everywhere America touches, chaos and destruction follow.

Now this devastation could extend to northern and southern Iraq. And if we say inside Baghdad, this means that it is inside Iran. And Iran means Israel. There are upcoming elections in Iraq and Israel.

"I directed the army and intelligence to prepare for any possible scenario," said Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

The head of Israel's Mossad also said: "The Iran nuclear deal will cause a strategic disaster."

Tel Aviv is upset with America and is not satisfied with the Iranian nuclear agreement. Rather, it sees that it has been somewhat deceived.

Biden is not answering calls either. Moreover, Tel Aviv's relations with Cairo were strained.

A statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry indicated that the recent developments in Baghdad threaten the unity and stability of Iraq. The statement stressed that the stability and security of Iraq is very important for Turkey. The meaning of this statement indicates that Iraq is collapsing and Türkiye cannot ignore this matter.


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