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As we enter the 'Türkiye Century'...

It’s the “Türkiye Century,” not ‘Türkiye’s Century.” 

 There is a difference. 

 Secondly, it renders passive whatever slowed down Turks to date. 

 We always wrote about it until now, but now that it has a name, let this be an introduction to its terms and conditions. 


 Following the house of global oil producers, OPEC+’s decision to cut oil production, which made the U.S. fume, the media is prophesizing that Washington will punish Riyadh. 

 As the Riyadh-Washington line is a permanent horror train, there are those who see the dispute as a theatrical production. When this extraordinary situation is classified with parallel developments, it is impossible to see the strangeness. 

 For example, Morocco says: “Saudi Arabia is one of the strong foundations of the Arab regime, and with the decisions, it has taken, we are showing we are in permanent solidarity with it.” 

 Bahrain says: “We state we are in complete solidarity with Saudi Arabia, and we categorically refuse to politicize OPEC+ group’s decision in question or evaluate it as a bias in international conflicts.” 


Yemen says: “We are in solidarity with Riyadh. We refuse all the counter-statements made following the OPEC+ decision.”  

Oman says: “We supported this decision in unanimity with all member countries in efforts to ensure the desired stability in the global market.” 

 Algeria says: “The OPEC+ decision is completely a technical answer based on economic concerns.” 

 The United Arab Emirates: “The OPEC+ decision is not a political decision like some are trying to portray it to be. It is a unanimous technical decision. The UAE stands with its sister country Saudi Arabia.”  

Iraq says: “The decision was made unanimously and based on economic indicators.” (It is a miracle that Baghdad even said this much!”  

Kuwait says: “The decision aims to protect the balance and stability in oil markets within the light of existing challenges.”  

Palestine says: “Palestine, its administration and people, stand with Saudi Arabia in every decision it takes to protect its sovereignty and rights.”  

Egypt says: “Cairo stands with Saudi Arabia, which announced the technical analyses of the decision that caused reciprocal conflicts.” 

 Arab countries’ support to OPEC+ decisions and the Saudi Arabia administration, which is openly targeted by the U.S., also includes an attitude towards Washington.  


 It can still be said that “these are insignificant countries; they will all stop in their tracks if the U.S. says ‘stop’.” But that’s not how it works, and they did not stop. Acting in cooperation is not the total declaration of a front or enemy, but we need to understand the why, the how, the insistence on sudden boost of courage. 

 As we shared previously, the UAE’s president visited Russia following this decision, and wore Russian President Vladimir Putin’s coat! Saudi Arabia-Russia relations are no less, and it is a message to the U.S.: “Saudi Arabia stands with Russia in the Ukraine war.” 

 Furthermore, should their participation in the Shanghai summit, and statement of position for the future not be taken into account? These countries and many others see that West Asian countries are changing shape and direction.  


Dozens of countries believe the U.S. administration’s weakness, that it is implementing wrong policies, and that the White House will be heavily injured in the November American interim elections. 

 This is the main reason underlying the Joe Biden administration’s fury regarding OPEC+ decisions: Let’s repeat, in addition to spoiling its energy plans against Russia, the White House thinks a letter was written to the U.S. as well. 

 A similar situation was witnessed in the sabotage attempts targeting the Nord Stream connecting Europe and Russia. We can see its traces in the attack on Crimea Bridge. If the perpetrator is the U.S. – anyone who claims the opposite is considered insane – is it possible that Europe’s political elite did not see this? Why did Ankara and Moscow take a step to open a new East-West energy line?  

It is impossible that they do not see the White House wanting to break the connection between Russia and Europe, and attach the Europe to itself regarding energy. As a result of the Ukraine war, it is now selling more expensive gas/energy and weapons to Europe. 

 But why aren’t European countries showing any reaction? Or why are they just complaining? The European Political Community was a step. Yet it is a long-term and weak step for now. The reason for the cowardice is because the current European leadership is a failure. Fearing the U.S., lack of trust in one another, and in fact, rivalry. But most importantly, their people don’t understand the matter at the ignorance level either – as seen in the example of Finland and Sweden’s application for NATO membership! 

 They believe and do whatever the established media system tells them. They are no different to robots. If a poll was held today, the picture would show high Kyiv and U.S. support specific to the war. 

 This should be a lesson for us the most. There is now the “let’s be robots” mind. What we call the mind is the “artificial” one of course. 


 Europe’s general state, which has been carrying on through the competitive climate in the Germany-France-U.K. triangle, now has London under its effect as well. 

 Crashing into each other like headless chooks, panicking about winter’s arrival – and this winter is going to be “light” compared to future winters – Europe, regarding which we are reading statistics about how the fundamental economic indicators are declining, is experiencing dangerous political and social deviations as well. 

 In general, we can refer to it as political instability. The U.K. experienced this as well, but it never hit 10 on the scale. Steps towards toppling the new prime minister following the change of prime minister and queen/king emerged – due to wrong financial practices. 

 The Ukraine war’s head operator is drifting too now. 


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