What's the link between FETÖ and the Dugina killing? - NEDRET ERSANEL

What's the link between FETÖ and the Dugina killing?

Anyone in Türkiye who has the slightest knowledge about these matters will tell you not to get into too much detail about Alexander Dugin.  

 This is an indicator that Dugin is considered to be dubious. When you ask “Why?” you will generally get the response, “That’s what they say,” implying in one way or another that the secret subject in “that’s what they say,” is the “state.”  

 I never heard any such thing from the state in private talks, but one would involuntarily adhere to such “suggestions of caution.” 

 Besides, what is “dubious”? What he writes, what he says, his projections, or his connections? You will understand in time that the reason this most renowned advocate of Eurasianism is considered dubious is the ambiguity behind his “connection to Kremlin.” He will speak about it, but Moscow is yet to confirm the affiliation. 

 The answer to “Who is Dugin?” also explains why we are discussing this subject. He is one of the founding ideologues of whatever is happening today between the East and West. 


 Everyone must have heard the news that a car exploded Saturday near Moscow, killing Dugin’s daughter Daria Dugina. 

 Initial reports announced to global media that Dugin was also going to be in the car, but he chose to take a different vehicle last minute. This means “Dugin was the real target.” 

 The other piece of information is that the bomb mechanism in the car did not activate with the ignition, but was rather detonated remotely while on the road. This shows that the perpetrators aimed to kill father and daughter at the same time, but they settled for Dugina upon the sudden change. 


Russian officials’ reaction to the assassination also reveals Dugin’s real position in Moscow, as does the Kremlin’s award of the Order of Courage to Dugina. 


As someone who had the opportunity to chat with him, I can say that Dugin is an interesting person illustrated by both Western and Russian media. Many of his opinions do not appeal to us, yet he is passionate enough to deserve being called, “Putin’s Rasputin.” 


Some Western resources illustrated him as one of the last decade's most influential ideology actors in Putin’s foreign policy. However, they always referred to the “far-right” side, the “mystical/occult” dimension. This thus led him to seem “marginal.” 




Kremlin never said anything about the connection between Dugin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the fact is that Dugin survived in the middle of this vortex, and as seen now, the state always supported him. 


He taught at leading universities, organized courses in Russian military institutions, and always appeared on popular television channels. In fact, the U.S. imposed sanctions on him for being close to the Kremlin. 


Does this mean “acceptance”? No, but Russia’s internal dynamics are always ambiguous about what is accepted or not. 


So, “Why was there an attempt to assassinate Dugin?” 


It’s only natural that Ukraine is the first to come to mind. This was the first address that Russian and Western analysts first referred to as well. 


According to Dugin, if Russia wants to be an intercontinental superpower, its primary objective must be to eliminate the Ukraine obstacle. Otherwise, it presented a great threat to all of Eurasia. It was meaningless to talk about the continental policy before taking care of the Ukraine matter. 


This theory is correct geopolitically. We have already been discussing reason-cause relations. 




As you may recall, Putin made a speech along the lines of, “Ukraine is really Russia,” emphasizing historical, cultural, religious, administrative, and demographic reasons days before the war.  


This was discussed in Türkiye as well back then. It is claimed that this speech manifested with Dugin’s influence, and the war originated from the same source. The truth of the matter is that the impact of these ideas on the Russian ruler elite cannot be measured. 


But you can be sure that like Dugin, every layer of the Russian security architecture believes that Ukraine and the north of the Black Sea need to be under complete Russian control. 


As a result, the Ukraine-Dugin relationship is so obvious, and the effect of this on Russian national security makers is so clear that no time was wasted to claim the Ukrainian administration and those behind it are responsible for the assassination. The urgently made statement from Kyiv, “We have nothing to do with it,” is proof of this.  




Russia reports that Ukrainian intelligence and Ukrainian spy Natalia Vovk are behind the murder. 


It is now a given that Kyiv may have carried out the assassination in addition to the attacks inside Russia with support/encouragement from the U.S. 


Yet, we must still consider the extraordinary suspects. Are Moscow’s internal dynamics in agreement regarding Ukraine? Is everyone happy about the current state of relations with the West? Is the military, intelligence, and businesspeople in agreement? Putin has the final say, but if the assassination is a message, what is it telling the “internal” dynamics? These points should be considered as well. 




I will share upon this occasion, my personal experience with Dugin. 


We met with Dugin in the surprisingly empty lobby of the old “Grand Ankara Hotel,” across from the Turkish Parliament’s Cankaya door, with a series of guards and journalists waiting at the door. 


I did the interview and sent it to Yeni Safak. It was published in the morning with the headline, “Our common enemies the US, FETO.” 


It was an exceptional interview as it was published on July 16! My personal opinion is that – as discussed later – Dugin knew about the treachery, he was tasked by Moscow, and he tried to have meetings in Ankara in this sense. 


I don’t know if he had knowledge about the details of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETO) treacheries. I think they were more concerned about a U.S.-based operation and had intelligence regarding this. Let us not forget his daughter’s statement that, “There are U.S.-controlled FETO members in Ukraine with the capacity to carry out assassinations and sabotage”! 


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