Those who cannot keep up with Türkiye spare no effort to thwart its rise - YASIN AKTAY

Those who cannot keep up with Türkiye spare no effort to thwart its rise

The world is turning in a strange way. It is not only orbiting the sun or revolving around its own axis, but it also revolves around the people living on its surface with the movements of those people around their own axis. It does not have a uniform course. It is as though while the world turns, it tells us through its unevenness, twists, and slopes, that it is mortal, and that nothing can be endured in this world. 


If by looking at the magnificent technological and scientific developments around the world you expect that everything will be much better, the world is very ready to show a different face instantly. The experiences the Covid-19 pandemic left us with should be more than enough to face the reality that these scientific and technological developments happened at the price of humanity’s further weakness, regress, and ignorance in many other fields. In the meantime, we all saw and experienced together without any discrimination or privilege how humanity’s entire acquis got reduced to nothing. We saw through experience how alone we are despite the crowd, how poor we are despite so much wealth, and how weak and helpless we are despite so much power and opportunity. 


Yet, what happened? What sort of awareness did this knowledge provide us? Or did it give us any awareness at all? How long did this awareness last? As the effects of the pandemic gradually wear off our lives, we started to fall into the same reluctance, the same arrogance, the same drunkenness from power and wealth. We still think this world is ours. We still think things belong to us and continue from where we left off to think protecting this from others is cleverness. 


Türkiye, on the other hand, is truly making significant progress. This is an inevitable execution of the role imposed on it by its historical, regional, and cultural presence. This really makes Türkiye greater beyond its borders. This is not a means to boast or show arrogance. On the contrary, it should place greater responsibility. In fact, Türkiye has been exceedingly fulfilling this responsibility in recent years. It is the hope, dream, and ideal of oppressed people within its vast emotional sphere. This responsibility also gives it strength to the same extent. In recent years, Türkiye is both one of the most visited countries and one of the countries people desire most to visit. This can be seen in the wave of tourism to Türkiye from the Islamic world, as well as from other regions. 


This tourism flow into Türkiye is not only to the beach sides but also to culture, identity, science, knowledge, health, politics, and trade. It is no surprise that Türkiye, a country growing in a route specific to itself, forms an attraction to such an interest. The current diverse presence of people in Türkiye from all over the world, from every race and language, is an indication of this increasing attraction, power, and functioning effectiveness. This presence is a contribution to Türkiye, a participation in Türkiye’s expansion. 





Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) General Manager Prof. Temel Kotil, whom I bumped into at the airport before eid, had his face light up with glee as he was introducing me to Pakistan Technology University’s rector and scientists. He was explaining with great excitement the cooperation they reached as a result of their meetings. He shared the meetings he held with the Malaysian prime minister’s committee, who were visiting Türkiye on the same day and their cooperation with Malaysian scientists. He said they are fully utilizing Türkiye’s developing human existence as human resource, and that they are additionally integrating the country’s numerous qualified human resources through the offices they established in many countries in the operations they are carrying out. 


The great expansion Türkiye is presently experiencing is what made it possible to overcome distances and access qualified human resource, especially from the Islamic world. There should be a great deal to deduce upon this alone for those who want to evaluate Türkiye’s sociology. 


Growing and developing civilizations on earth always find a way – and must find a way – to metaphorize cultural diversity under a much greater identity. Essentially, it is crucial for Türkiye, with all its institutes and people, to develop a culture and mentality that is in sync with this increasing attraction. 


Fortunately, vast segments of the population have this awareness and harmony, but sadly, let alone supporting Türkiye’s development, and complying with Türkiye’s expansion, some segments are competing to prevent it. 


As a matter of fact, they are doing this in the name of nationalism, in the name of Turkism. Yet, their actions, attitude, and mentality do nothing other than tie Turks’ hands and feet and push them behind prison bars. These people have no idea about the Qur’an, or Yunus Emre, or other important historical figures such as Hacı Bektaş and Hacı Bayram. They think it is heroism to tread over the hearts they break. 


Just look at the world’s contradictions. Cultural pluralism and education are expected to further develop tolerance, democracy, and the understanding of human rights in humans while weakening ignorant sentiments such as racism and human hostility. 





The fact that those who deem Türkiye worthy of bigoted racism while the country is expanding are among the well-educated is one of the biggest contradictions and paradoxes of our world.  


A person who spills out all their hatred towards a smiling Senegalese individual on the subway because of the color of their skin expresses all this in English. They are obviously educated. Yet, the Senegalese individual, who has been living in Istanbul for the last decade, learned Turkish out of their love and respect for Türkiye. They do not need to respond to those words in English, and it seems, they contribute much more to Türkiye’s values, wealth, and growth than the person telling them to “go back to your country.” 


Interior Affairs Minister Süleyman Soylu visited the Senegalese individual, who was a victim of this shameful treatment, in their home. Soylu’s visit and words displayed a stance befitting of the rising Türkiye: “We are Türkiye. Before anything, we are Muslim. We are neither racist nor xenophobic. The attitude displayed by those who are impertinent is not representative of Türkiye.” 


Thank you Süleyman Soylu. May you live long and in health. 


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