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The dirty ties exposed by Turkey’s Syria operations

The operations in Syria that Turkey had launched 6 years ago paved the way for a solution that has bore positive fruits for the whole world, regardless of what anyone might say. Turkey was always asking for this solution but could not get the support for it. Until, as this solution kept getting delayed, it it became unbearable, with the real big cost being footed by Turkey and, of course, the Syrian people.

By organizing three major operations one after the other, Turkey paved the way for a solution in Syria, which it tried to impose on the international community from the very beginning, with its own two hands and completely on its own.

In the meantime, every operation, even every objection, against terrorism, which is entrenched in Syria and is receiving international support, has a function that exposes all the scandalous dirty relations on which the international order is based. 

Whether this terror is PKK/PYD or Daesh, it does not change this fact, and no one has given up on their dirty tricks because of the relations exposed by the operations. In actuality, Turkey's steps are badly foiling their ploys.

The safe zone that Turkey had advocated to establish in Syria from the very beginning would have narrowed the regime's range of action, and would have contained the waves of migration towards Turkey within Syria. Thus, Syrians would not have had to seek other places, and they would not have left their homeland to the murderer Assad and the invading whims of his protectors.

Turkey's request to create a safe zone in Syria was actually the shortest, most logical, most realistic and humane way to solve this crisis. When we say humanitarian, of course, we are talking about a possible humanitarian solution for a people who have been subjected to inhumane treatment. Those who did not support Turkey by poking a thousand holes in this perfectly reasonable, realistic and humane way suggested made unimaginable criticisms and objections, even when Turkey acted on its own.

However, thanks to this solution implemented by Turkey, at least 5 million more Syrians were prevented from migrating to Turkey and from there to Europe.

Whichever way you look at it, Europe owes Turkey a great debt of gratitude for these operations alone.

Instead of paying this debt of gratitude, Europeans are choosing to see Turkey's operations as an intervention in Syria's internal affairs and to take the side of butcher Assad against Turkey.

The support provided by numerous EU countries to the PKK/PYD in Syria is no secret, and they cannot make any reasonable explanation for it.

They talk about the fact that Turkey has changed the demographic structure of Syria with its operations as if they were very loyal to this principle. It is as if the regions where Assad and the PKK/PYD are entrenched cater to their own demographics. Why don’t they look at the demographic change that is the product of so many people taking refuge in Turkey or Europe, if they had a shred of perception or any notion of reality?

The pact between anti-refugee factions and anti-Turks

By the way, if there was an iota of sincerity, even the opposition, who thinks that the Syrians are Turkey's biggest problem today, and propagates this notion every chance they get, they should’ve appreciated that Turkey has actually blocked more Syrian refugees with this move. However, the only thing that these people, who don’t even have a humane bone in their bodies, see in Syria is nothing but the capital of their disgusting dirty, and racist politics. This political ambition, which cannot think of planting anything other than hatred, racism, ignorance, and blind anger as a political investment, can reap nothing but disaster, ruthlessness, and lack of understanding for both itself and the country.

Doesn't the fact that certain Europeans and these factions react similarly to Turkey's operations give an adequate idea of what kind of problem we are facing?

The pact between those who see the issue of Syrian refugees as one of the biggest weaknesses of the government and try to exploit this issue without mercy and with complete disregard to the humanitarian compononent is a subject that merits further discussion.

Do they really want a solution or are they trying to hurt Turkey anyway they can? They have been trying to deal a blow to Turkey, which has been following the most humanitarian policy for years without backing down on refugees, through an issue where its policy was exemplary. Xenophobia and racism were the last diseases to infect this nation.

Moreover, Turkey has never been carelessness or neglectful as the racists claim when it comes to this issue. The operations were one of the most effective measures in this regard, but it became clear that the anti-refugee factions were also opposed to the operations.

Likewise, Turkey is currently creating cities where at least 1 million Syrians can safely return to their homes in Syria, but Kılıçdaroğlu, who has become obsessed with anti-refugeeism, strongly objected to this on the very day that President Erdoğan announced this project. Why? What solution does he want? I thought he wanted to send Syrians back? Could there be a more humane way of sending them back? What type of solution did he have in mind? Did he want to hand them over to the vile executioners of the murderer Assad, rather than humanely? While sending, would Assad's shabbiha beat your famous drums?



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