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Turkey will not be fooled by the US!

U.S. Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey’s deceit can clearly be read on his face. He is running wild at the peak of insolence. Who can call him human?

The United States of Terrorism’s Sly Fox came to Ankara “for the second time in a month” trying to figure out “How to convince Turkey while its relations with Russia are sour.”

Washington’s henchman is trying to look cute when he speaks in broken Turkish, saying:

“Today, our ally Turkey’s troops are facing a threat. This threat comes from Russia and Bashar Assad. We have martyrs on the ground. God bless you.”

What is this? It is crocodile tears!


Are we going to be fooled by this shabby charade by fickle Jeffrey, who does not utter a word about dozens of our troops who were martyred by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK), which is protected by the bandit U.S.?

Are we quickly going to forget the words and invitation made by trickster Trump, who said with respect to PKK commander Şahin Cilo, the killer of many of the martyrs we lost in both Turkey and Syria, “Gen. Mazlum, I want to see you at the White House soon,” and say, “We will immediately fulfill whatever demand he has for Syria”?

We will not be fooled!

We will not be the drowning man clutching at straws!


The agreement made between Turkey and the U.S. in the Peace Spring Operation area is also continuously being violated.

The attacks on our troops and civilians by YPG-PKK terrorists – positioned as U.S. troops – are continuing ceaselessly!

Jeffrey and those in Washington have the blood of those who fell martyr in the Peace Spring and Afrin operations on their hands!


The words of the terror engineering bandit state U.S. cannot be trusted.

We will never trust the U.S. or Russia, and will “take care of our own business” in the area!

There is no other choice!


It is the American state that has provided thousands of truckloads of weapons to the YPG-PKK terrorist organization, that has said, “We will establish an army for the PKK,” and that continues to pursue the plan to establish a PKK state in the north of Syria.

In the report prepared by the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) for the 2021 financial year, it was “only recently” revealed that $200 million funding for YPG-PKK terrorists was allocated from the $740-billion budget it had “demanded.”

We are not evening mentioning the dollars/funds they poured to the terrorists in the north of Syria in the previous years!

In short: Trickster Jeffrey’s statement, “We will support Turkey that is under Russia and Assad’s threat,” is empty. It is a blinding act.

The U.S. gives its support to YPG-PKK terrorists.

Forget support, it is the American state itself that is getting its terrorists in the region to attack Turkey.


Upon the latest developments in Idlib, similar to the U.S., NATO also tried to con us with “support to Turkey,” thinking “this is the best chance.”

Surely, the only place for this hypocrisy is the trash can.

We are talking about the fickle NATO that “applies in reverse” the fifth article of its pact, which carefully supports the YPG/PKK terrorist organization against “NATO-member Turkey.”


Since we mentioned NATO, let us note a report that was published three days ago:

In a comprehensive poll conducted by the American PEW Research Center in NATO-member countries, “Turkey” was revealed to be the country that has the most negative sentiments toward NATO. (Hürriyet, Feb. 11, 2020)

The PEW poll highlights that “only 21 percent of Turkey have positive sentiments regarding NATO.”


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