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Shoulder-to-shoulder against American fascism

Venezuela state President Nicolas Maduro declared the defeat of the coup attempt launched by a group of soldiers affiliated with the opposition: The fascist American state and its most useful puppet in Venezuela, Juan Guadio, were disappointed “once more.”

We are talking about the most current example of how democracy is “nothing but smoke and mirrors” for the U.S., which attempted a coup through its pawns in Venezuela.

Coup is “synonymous” with the U.S.


When the coup attempt in Venezuela was thwarted, this time bandit state U.S. started to give off invasion signals.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview on Fox News television channel, “We prefer peaceful transition of government, however if military intervention is necessary, then this is also possible.”

Pompeo has no "certificate of good conduct"

Pompeo, who was CIA chief prior to becoming secretary of state, had described Turkey on Twitter on the following day of the July 15 coup attempt as, “Totalitarian Islamist dictatorship.”

Had their Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) succeeded in the coup on the night of July 15, then, according to Pompeo, “Democracy would have come to Turkey.”

What is that they call "peaceful transition"?

Every time the spokespersons of the bandit American state mention “peace,” one needs to choose a form of death and know that all kinds of war, destruction, cruelty, atrocity, torture, barbarism, brutality, and evil will immediately follow.

What the Israel bootlicker called Pompeo refers to as “peaceful transition” is a coup by the soldiers of opposition leader Guaido.

This is what the American state and bandit U.S. idolized by various influence agents in Turkey working for Uncle Sam present to the world as “democracy.”


The Evangelist, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, called on to the coup plotting opposition in Venezuela saying, “The U.S. is by your side until freedom and democracy are rebuilt.” And he said this without any shame!


If the democratic choices of the people in any country do not comply with the requests, demands, expectations, et cetera of the tyrant American state, its response is a coup attempt. If that does not work, the coup attempt is followed by “military intervention.” They say, “Our boys could not manage the coup, then we are coming to invade you.”

Those regretting the failure to topple

We are going to continue to hear the “Western Democratic Values” lie the American partner influence agents within (Ertuğrul Özkök and the likes) have insistently been talking about for years after the incidents in Venezuela as well.

All of these influence agents, positioned in a vast area ranging from politics to the media, are incredibly regretting their Uncle Sam’s failure to topple Maduro – as a matter of fact, they are breaking out in hives.

CIA ties

These agents positioned among us are no different to the useful pawns wearing t-shirts with the U.S. flag demonstrating to topple Maduro.

Those demonstrating wearing U.S. t-shirts are also a sort of American soldiers.

Leopoldo Lopez, the opposition's second in command that attempted a coup in Venezuela after Juan Guadio, is affiliated with the CIA. Their paths have intersected once more with Pompeo.


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