Empires have made a comeback. This is the end of history for the weak. The 21st century of the Turks has begun - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Empires have made a comeback. This is the end of history for the weak. The 21st century of the Turks has begun

The invasion of Ukraine constituted a fatal example of internal division, social collapse, and how weak countries will be driven to destruction in the 21st century. 

Was there a Ukraine scenario planned for Turkey as well? 

Was there a plan to “shrink” Turkey, a country at the center of all conflicts, from power structuring to energy, from supply corridors to resources, in practically all geopolitical plans across the globe? 

Considering matters such as conventional terrorism, internal security, and political polarization, of course there was such a plan. However, more vibrant, new quests for power push us to is propelling us toward new determinations, new definitions. 

Was there a new, destructive plan built for Turkey? 

The U.S. and Europe’s battle with Russia and China has now turned into open war. The war is at Europe’s door for the time being; but even if the Ukraine war can be stopped, it will spread. 

Based on these new circumstances, was a more destructive Turkey plan prepared? Was a preparation similar to those in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen in question? 

Whose door would they be knocking on after Ukraine? Which country would they be throwing into the fire? Where does Turkey stand? What sort of plan did they make? How did Turkey prepare to counter it? 


This conflict will swallow weak countries

The pursuit to redefine and carve up global power, the wars for resources, the East-West conflict, the overwhelming majority of the world objecting to the Western world order, the global finance system and Western institutions reaching the end of their lifespan, will lead to—and is leading to—major battles. 

These conflicts will swallow weak countries. They will tear to pieces the countries that are at the border regions of the new power map. Many of them will be eliminated. 


‘History-making’ nations, new empires 

The conflict is so great, and it will last so long that the countries in question are going to be turned into instruments of war for the new empires that are settling in the center of the 21st-century world. 

History-making nations are returning. The privileges afforded to small states by the post-World War II order are coming to an end. The immunity these countries were provided according to their degree of “loyalty to the West” is ending. Nobody can protect the West anymore! 

A transition from micro-nationalism, from micro-states, from city theaters to empires, to becoming a great power, to regional basins is in question. 


Turkey was going to be downsized

The great project implemented by the U.S. and Europe along the line of North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia ends here. The era of power partnerships has started. 

There was a much more horrific downsizing scenario for Turkey broiling away than there was for Ukraine. The policy to discipline Turkey through decades-long terrorism (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)), to design it from within, to restrict it had turned into a destruction operation in the last decade. 

Though Turkey was within the U.S. and European alliance, it would be downsized. This would be done not only because of the size of its territory, but to prevent it from emerging as an “imperial power” again. 


A new world map would be drawn up

The 2016 coup attempt in Turkey was the pinnacle of this operation. The country that was brought into line through coups for years would be divided for the first time through foreign intervention. Turkey’s Thrace region would be snatched away, the East and Southeast would be separated, and a new map connected to the borders of Iraq and Syria would be drawn. 

If this could not be done, it would be impossible to stop Turkey, because it could no longer be tranquilized or controlled. They wanted to take action before it’s too late, as the opportunity might not present itself later down the line.

What they said and thought materialized: It was too late, they missed their chance to stop Turkey. 


What surprised the US, Europe? 

Turkey surprised the U.S. and Europe by making the most radical geopolitical interventions in the history of its republic after the 2016 coup attempt, by launching a major purge operation within, expediting the systemic transformation, and making extraordinary breakthroughs in defense. 

This was probably the first time since the founding of the Turkish Republic that something shocked the West to this extent, and they could not decide how to handle it.

All the plans they knew collapsed. The plan in Iraq collapsed. The trap set up in Syria collapsed. The attempt to drown Turkey in the Mediterranean failed. Turkey’s plans prevailed in all these areas while the West regressed. 


How was the plan to break out a Turkey-Russia foiled? 

The Mediterranean plans they launched by ostracizing Turkey failed. Their natural gas, energy plans failed. Now, Israel and Greece are attempting to normalize relations with Turkey. 

Turkey chose to take its own path in the Ukraine crisis as well. It did not act with the U.S. and Europe. It opposed the invasion, but it did not apply sanctions on Russia, or close off its air space. 

It did not submit to the West’s hysterical paranoia. It disappointed those who planned war between Turkey and Russia. 

Turkey’s stance in the Ukraine war constitutes a major policy change after the interventions aimed at Syria, after spoiling the map plans along the Iran-Mediterranean line, as well as their Mediterranean plans. 

Turkey is no longer a country that submits to the West’s theories, but a country that has powerful words to say to the world and its own region. 


Weird timing 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held successive meetings face-to-face with 14 world leaders. From Europe to Africa, the Middle East to Asia, the heart of global diplomacy beat in Turkey. The sole concrete step in the Russia-Ukraine war was taken by Turkey once more. 

As all this was unfolding, an essential process was launched to keep the region safe from new conflicts and wars through Turkey’s normalization with the Middle East.

It is interesting that this happened at a time when wars are shifting towards Europe’s eastern borders. Strangely, the West is now fighting against the very seed it planted for years in our region. 


The partnership of politics and terrorism within will fail 

They are building a new front within Turkey through a partnership formed between politicians and terrorist groups. They are trying to run things through old methods. But Turkey can no longer be “downsized” through internal or regional interventions. They are going to have to accept this. 

They prepared a “Ukraine scenario” for us, and even attempted to implement it. But we took a step into the 21st century’s “age of empires.” 


‘Turks’ 21st century’  

The West’s crisis will continue even after the war in Ukraine is concluded. It will continue even though the war may end. New conflicts will erupt on its borders. It will spread through the entire West in time. 

Turkey will be further centralized. Taking advantage of the fight between the East and the West, it will turn this into geopolitical gains. When we said, “Turkey’s mind,” “Turkey is the surprise of the 21st century,” we were not lagging behind, but rather trying to see the next step ahead. 

Who knows, it just might be that the “21st century of the Turks’ is starting. 


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