A missile may ‘mistakenly’ hit a Turkish ship in the Black Sea, leading to a possible war between Turkey and Russia! They’re going to attempt this ploy, but we will not shed blood for Europe’s welfare! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A missile may ‘mistakenly’ hit a Turkish ship in the Black Sea, leading to a possible war between Turkey and Russia! They’re going to attempt this ploy, but we will not shed blood for Europe’s welfare!

Turkey can never trust the West, nor will it ever. No country in Turkey's position can afford such trust, because our experiences in the last decade amount to a millennium of deceit. As a matter of fact, it is the 21st-century version of everything we had experienced in Anatolia over the last millennium.

This has been our fate since we first set foot in Anatolia. It has been the same ever since we fought against Byzantine-- whom we’re still fighting to this day.

This battle began and has been ongoing ever since the day Muslim Turks entered this region as a great force. They never gave up on their dream to drive us out of Anatolia since then.

Only two instances when relations with West were good.

All other times were rife with conflict, intervention.

There have only been two instances where we had good relations with the West: The time when they collapsed the Ottoman Empire and took the Republic of Turkey under their tutelage, and during the Europe-Russia wars. All other times were rife with conflict, because they never ceased to see us as a threat.

The same is being repeated now. Turkey is no longer under tutelage; it woke up, came to its senses, drew its own path, and started building a power other than the U.S. and Europe. Regardless of its involvement in Western institutes and alliances, Turkey was immediately and again identified as a threat. Though they do not confess to it, interventions were made in relation to this threat. We are back to the era of conflicts again.

Behold the Crimea war trap. Here are their latest interventions!

The Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17-25, 2013 and July 15, 2016 coup attempts were interventions within this scope. Establishing an anti-Turkey terrorist army in Syria is an intervention of this sort. The anti-Turkey Arab front (now defunct) in the Middle East was built for such an intervention.

The establishment of an “intervention front within,” which may be considered “political terrorism,” is a sign of the next intervention.

Just as all this is happening, the Europe-Russia crisis erupted again. Europe and the U.S., who were only recently making these interventions, and revealed their plan to “stop Turkey,” suddenly changed attitude.

They made a shift to the Crimea war model. They started using alliances and carrying out incredible provocations to break out a war between Turkey and Russia, and stop them by getting the two countries to clash.

World war might break out. We can't play pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine.

Much beyond Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Ukraine war is a crisis that calls on extremely complex power conflicts. Being pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine, siding with the invader or the invaded is easy.

It is very difficult in this period to go beyond the information overload, discuss the fatal realities, and contemplate how far the historical and geopolitical areas of conflict could lead.

But we have to do this. We have to do it for Turkey, for our region, for our Black Sea, for our future. Every step taken from this moment onwards could lead to destructive results.

This is a new era in which total war, clash of the East and West, and nuclear crises are discussed, World War III discourses are rising, the West’s fears are turning into nightmares, and all sorts of madness is triggered.

Putin’s self-confidence, Russia's fear.

This could lead to a total European war.

There is no longer a United Nations (UN). There are no more international institutions. There are no more international pacts restricting countries. The West no longer has a unilateral global order. The world has been divided in half as East and West. This cannot be reversed.

Russia made a grave mistake. It fell into the U.S. and Europe’s trap. It was either Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pride and self-confidence or Russia's fear of threats approaching from the West that laid the foundation of Ukraine’s invasion. Moscow thought this would be easier to conduct. It believed this would be a scenario similar to that in Syria, Libya, and Crimea.

But it united Europe, which was falling apart. It revived NATO. It activated Europe's gears, and brought this fear even closer to itself. It is Russia and Europe's fears that are clashing right now. This fear, this paranoia may drive the world into a great destruction, a great nightmare. The Ukraine war could turn into an intra-European war.

What other countries will be driven to war?

The U.S. and U.K. persistently provoked this war. The Russia threat was in the Baltics. It was pushing the U.K. and hence, it was bound to blow up sooner or later. They wanted to make it crash in Central Asia, so they stirred up chaos in Kazakhstan. It didn't work, so they did it in Ukraine.

If this is not enough to achieve their aim, they are going to drive Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria into war. The entirety of Europe's eastern border will soon turn into a battlefield.

The U.S. and Europe's most important agenda is to drive Turkey to war, and stop Russia using NATO’s second biggest power after the U.S. Thus, the objective is to move the war from  Ukraine into the Black Sea. They know that the moment they make this happen, it is almost impossible for Turkey to stay on the sidelines.

Turkey-Russia war plan from Black Sea to Caucasus

The Black Sea should not be a battleground for the Europe-Russia war, the East-West war, the fight between NATO and Russia. It must not become another Persian Gulf, Red Sea, or East Mediterranean. This would mean endless conflict. If they achieve this, the next step will be to start attacking Turkey from the south again.

The U.S. and Europe are planning a war between Turkey and Russia that will start from the Black Sea and move to the Caucasus. They already had this in mind before the Ukraine war began. Step by step, they are paving the way for this. If they can't stop Russia in Ukraine, they are going to put intense pressure on Turkey. This has become crystal clear now.

Let Turkey, Russia fight while Europe enjoys its comfort, is that so?

The U.S. and Europe's plan is to break out a war between Turkey and Russia, while they sit and watch from the sidelines. They want the two countries to exhaust, consume, and eliminate each other. The West is pitting the two countries against each other. They will thus be protecting themselves without having to lift a finger.

What's certain is that if the West restrains, stops or weakens Russia, the next step will be to set its sights on Turkey. It will activate all mechanisms necessary to eliminate Turkey. Though Turkey has been fighting NATO’s wars, we will see how NATO turns into a weapon against one of its members.

Zelenskyy is being irresponsible. Putin must be reasoned with.

Turkey must:

1- Certainly prevent a Black Sea war from breaking out.

2- Negate the Turkey-Russia war plan.

3- Do everything it can to ensure a ceasefire.

4- Definitely push for a Erdoğan-Putin meeting.

5- Oppose the invasion, but not antagonize Russia.

6- Put an end to U.S. and European provocations.

7- Give no credence to Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelenskyy’s irresponsible stunts.

8- Accelerate “normalization with the Middle East” at full speed.

9- Have knowledge of the national public’s excitement.

We must put an end to the immorality that requires blood-shedding for the sake of others’ prosperity! 

10- Our prejudice against Russia, our close relations with Europe and the U.S. must not lure us into committing a mistake.

11- We must not allow this crisis to create an atmosphere that will push us back under the West’s tutelage right at a time when Turkey is making a great power leap.

12- Turkey must avoid becoming Europe's hitman, front country.

13- Countries and nations drawn into war for Europe’s sake experienced major destructions. We see this today in Ukraine. Turkey must not fall into this trap.

14- Let Europe defend itself. The immorality of building one’s own order of prosperity over other nations’ blood needs to end.

A missile may strike a Turkish battleship by ‘mistake’. West will attempt to provoke!

15- We experienced extremely serious security crises in the last three decades. Europe did not support us in any of them. On the contrary, they positioned themselves in the anti-Turkey front. In fact, they even armed terrorist fronts. This charade needs to come to an end.

16- Turkey must refrain from getting involved in this war in any way. It must avoid giving credence to any promise that will never be fulfilled.

17- The most important danger for now is a provocation in the Black Sea. A “mistakenly fired” missile may very likely hit a Turkish ship. A Russian plane may be downed. A NATO missile may hit a Russian ship. The U.S. and Europe will definitely attempt this ploy.

Turkey is smart. It will make a new power leap.

18- That is when it will get out of hand. Turkey must never get directly involved in war even in this case.

19- The Muslim world experienced big wars in the last three decades. Millions of people died. Cities and countries were destroyed, plundered. War is now knocking on Europe's doors for once.

20- If Turkey is to continue its rise, it must walk away with firm steps from this chaos, which will shrink it, and even destroy it. If it can achieve this, it will make a great power leap. It will take its place on the global stage as a brand new force.

21- Turkey is smart. We believe in its imperial mind and history.


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