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The powerful are also the right in today’s world order

To continue with the title: Then, the Islamic world, other oppressed and victimized countries, and especially us, would be powerful and place our power on the side of law, on justice and on the right. 

Of course, there are various forms of power, such as proper organization in scientific, political, and economic and international relations, the use of organizations and lobbying; but the ultimate power is armed power that the oppressors use to realize their demands and to eliminate the oppressed.

Today, if a country has nuclear weapons, it means that it has first-rate military power, but if not, it has second-rate military power. It is not possible for the latter to keep up with the former, no matter how long it resists, stands firm, sacrifices, attacks and courageously defends and practices the finest strategy and tactics, the superior weapon will have the final word. There is no need to use this weapon constantly, and it means that the country who holds it has the sword of Damocles against those who are deprived of it; even this potential threat is sufficient.

There is also a need for appropriate missiles to drop nuclear bombs and carry out air defense.

My argument is that all nations should destroy nuclear weapons. If even one country has this weapon, all the countries should do what they can to obliterate it. If one or more countries have this weapon, then the others have the right to do this and possess it. 

When Turkey decided to buy the S-400 missiles from Russia for air defense and furthermore to co-produce them, the U.S. was vexed and said that it was worried, by emphasizing NATO and so on. Well, if this weapon is necessary and effective in defense, and if you and your partners will not provide Turkey with it, what will Turkey do? Will it bow its head and be incapable of even influencing Israel, as it was before President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; will it be satisfied with what is handed by the powerful; and will it not even look out for its legitimate rights?

Yes, that is what the U.S. and the West want.

For this reason, they are driving Pakistan, who is in possession of nuclear weapons, into a tight corner. They are terrified that Iran will have these weapons too– against which they take one measure after the other.

But things have changed in Turkey, now there is the leader Erdoğan who is determined to stop the oppressors and side with the oppressed. For this, we need to be powerful in every aspect, including first-class military force, and we hopefully will be so, we must.

An important step of this determination is the S-400 missiles we will buy from Russia. Experts explain the power and opportunity that these missiles will bring to us as follows: 

 "Depending on the number of systems to be purchased, Turkey will have a modern, long-range and high-altitude defense ability in a large field for the first time. We will also be able to achieve ballistic missile prevention for the first time.

As the U.S. is concerned, the purchase of the S-400 systems does not mean a contradiction with NATO or a sudden secession, but an aim to eliminate complete dependence on NATO which is quite influential on the military wing, first by establishing the systems that we want, and if we should choose to leave NATO in the future, we do not want this to be impossible at least in terms of military. As a result, despite integration problems and the lack of ballistic missile blocking, the S-400 will be satisfactory as a long-range air defense system."

Yes, we need nuclear power, weapons, and air defense systems and hence the S-400s so that the oppressed and the victims cannot be exploited by the powerful. We need these weapons not to rob the world blind, but to stop the robbers.

May God grant us success!


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