The Jews were not exiled to Madagascar, however the Palestinians may be driven to… - HAYRETTIN KARAMAN

The Jews were not exiled to Madagascar, however the Palestinians may be driven to…

The Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, which are striving with all their might to turn the Arab Spring into winter, are unaware of the purpose they serve under the will of Israel and the U.S.; or, and this is more likely, it seems that their ambitions and cheap interests have overstepped their faith and morals. It is certain that they are behind the movements that we see in Sudan, Algeria, and Libya these days.

Israel, by keeping the oppression and the genocide they were once subjected to alive, succeeded in getting the full support of the Western public opinion as silence reigned with anti-Semitism bills and laws.

Palestinians, for the most part, were the ones who paid the hefty price for the cooperation between Zionist politicians who are worshipping their vile interests and the bigoted religious Zionists; the Middle East paid the rest of the price for the Zionist movement, which has no interest in learning from the past, as a society that experienced oppression by refraining from oppressing others.

The reason why I wrote these lines and reminded you of the Madagascar plan is the following report I recently read:

U.S. President Donald Trump, during his speech at a Jewish institution, said the following:

“The United States and Israel have taken the initiative to buy Sinai from Egypt’s Sisi, and remove the Palestinians from their lands and place them in Sinai, to establish a Palestinian state there, and make a deal with them to leave Palestine to Israel altogether. We will ask Egypt to open the border between Gaza and Sinai. We demand 800 billion dollars from other countries, mostly from the Gulf countries. The U.S. will not make any financial contribution to this.”

Then, what are other states and institutions going to say to the so-called guardians of human rights, primarily the U.S., Israel, and the Gulf countries, against this murder?

If the sphere called the Muslim world, which in reality is non-existent, doesn’t stand up and pay the price, the rest of the world will mumble a few fancy words and the situation will be glossed over; isn’t this always the situation?

This attempt reminded me of the Madagascar plan; I hope it will fail as well.

What was that plan?

The idea to drive European Jews from their centuries-old homeland and send them to Africa was not an idea that the Nazis found in the 1940s. The idea for Madagascar was first proposed by French scholar Paul De Lagarde in 1885. The idea of settling Eastern European Jews in Uganda in 1904-05 caused great controversy at the Zionist congress. The Uganda plan was rejected after long discussions in Congress and found unattainable. The tradition of finding a homeland for Jews other than Palestine continued until the 1940s by many prominent figures of the 20th century, including the British anti-Semitic Henry Hamilton Beamish. In 1937, when the Polish government re-proposed the Madagascar plan, it formed a commission. The commission rejected the plan, stating that the island could only accommodate up to 5,000 families. In 1940, the Madagascar plan was on the agenda again, this time in Nazi Germany. It was no coincidence that some constantly wanted the Jews to be sent to Madagascar. First of all, it was quite far from Europe. It also lacked in fertile soil natural resources. Therefore, Europeans considered this island as a place to solve the “Jewish question” because they could not find anything to do with this island. There were “good reasons” for Adolf Eichmann's presentation of this plan on July 3, 1940: the Nazis were about to invade France and the island of Madagascar was ruled by France at that time. Eichmann also wanted to include the article related to the island of Madagascar during the surrendering process. Adolf Eichmann prepared this plan in all its dimensions. The plan to transfer the Jews to the island with the largest naval fleet owned by Britain, which would be confiscated by Germany after the conquest of Britain, and the financing the operation would be done with the assets of the Jews. During the transportation, many would die due to difficult conditions, but this was not so important. The system to be implemented in Madagascar resembled a huge ghetto. Jews on the island would govern themselves, but they would have no ties to the outside world. The island would therefore become a major police state. The plan was shelved when no fleet could be found for transportation after the 1940 British war in which the Germans could not defeat the British Royal Air Force. In 1942, it was annulled by the British occupation of Madagascar.

The treacherous plan being made today cannot be annulled because of the inability to transport the Palestinians, because the destination is just beyond the border. The power that will prevent these and similar plans is the countries where Muslims are influential in one way or another, and especially Muslim countries. Hundreds of UN resolutions should be implemented; Israel should withdraw from the occupied territories; and Jerusalem should be the capital of the Palestinian state. As long as these holy lands are in the hands of Muslims, as in the past, all religious members will be able to visit and worship in peace. What will happen as long as it is in the hands of Israel on the other hand is clear.


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