Chaos running amok in Armenia on anniversary of the Khojaly genocide - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Chaos running amok in Armenia on anniversary of the Khojaly genocide

Wonders never cease! Chaos has ensued in Armenian capital Yerevan on the anniversary of the Khojaly genocide. The coup attempt against Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is ongoing, who has called on the people to take to the streets. Even while I was writing this article, Pashinyan announced that he had dismissed the chief of General Staff.

What goes around comes around

The night of Feb. 25, 1992, is a night on which both Azerbaijan and Turkey experienced unforgettable grief. One of the last massacres and genocides of the 20th century was perpetrated in Khojaly by the Armenians who occupied Karabakh.

Invading the region step by step, the Armenians entered Khojaly, which they claimed had strategic significance, and slaughtered more than 600 Azerbaijani Turks overnight, without differentiating between children, women and the elderly. Pregnant women, suckling babies, elderly men and women were martyred by Armenian gangs and soldiers.

This Armenian massacre went on record as a “genocide.”

Following Khojaly, Armenians occupied all six regions in Karabakh, and established a so-called structure in itself in Nagorno-Karabakh. They connected Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh through the Lachin corridor. They solidified their occupation. They settled in Azerbaijani territory for three decades.

Karabakh liberated after 3 decades

After Armenia attacked Azerbaijani land yet again, Baku’s army launched a military operation on Sept. 27 and liberated the Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan, Qubadli and Shusha districts from occupation. As per the ceasefire signed with the mediation of Russia, Armenian forces also withdrew from Agdam, Kalbajar, and Lachin. Thus, Azerbaijan liberated its territory, which was invaded 29 years ago. Destroyed and ruined cities will be rebuilt, the area will be cleared of mines and secured, and migrants who had been torn away from their ancestors’ homeland for years will return.


Conducting a slaughter in Khojaly during the occupation, the Armenians displaced 1 million people as well. Now, in order for those people to return, the infrastructure and superstructure in the liberated territories of Karabakh are in the process of being rebuilt.

Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood paved the way to Pashinyan’s end

Three decades later, Azerbaijan defeated the Armenian army with great support from Turkey. It politically annihilated the Armenian government and its leader. As Azerbaijan gained strength and self-confidence like never before, Armenia is as despondent as never before.


Nikol Pashinyan had come to power through street demonstrations. He was backed by France and U.S. billionaire George Soros. Ever since the day he came to power, he has been sending signs to NATO and flirting with the U.S., while cooperating with the EU. He received the support of both the American wing and the French wing of the Armenian diaspora.

However, he forgot one reality: Russia!

Arm-in-arm with the EU, US, Pashinyan is digging his own own grave

Ever since Russia realized Pashinyan had been besieged by the U.S. and NATO, it responded harshly to its addressees through Georgia and Ukraine. The Armenian PM must have trusted the U.S. and EU to such an extent that he chose to stand against Russia.

During the struggle Azerbaijan launched to liberate Karabakh, we realized that Russia is not at all happy with the Pashinyan government.

Regardless of how the coup attempt in Yerevan ends, Russia’s message saying, “It is Armenia’s internal affair,” is addressed to the U.S. and EU. It means to say, “Do not intervene,” and adds, “This region is within my area of influence.”

If we recall the olive branch extended to Pashinyan and Armenia by Baku and Ankara, which declared it is against all coups, following the Karabakh victory, it is high time that the Armenian people sit down and make a decision.

Either they will develop good relations with all their neighbors, including Azerbaijan and Turkey, and ensure stability, or they will be a front country as an outpost for the U.S. or EU.

If it prefers to be a front country, it will be years before Armenia can overcome the internal chaos, and the Armenians will be greatly harmed by this.

Let us wait and see what happens.

Finally, I wish mercy upon all our martyrs, including the martyrs of the Khojaly massacre. Long live Azerbaijan. Long live Turkey.


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