Have you noticed how Daesh keeps popping up now that Biden is in charge? - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Have you noticed how Daesh keeps popping up now that Biden is in charge?

The first harbingers that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration will be the “third Barack Obama term” are the actors in the Middle East. Almost all elements of the Obama period have returned to the stage. As far as we can ascertain, Biden long ago gave the greenlight to activate apparatuses used in the Obama term by virtually saying, “Where were we?”

The U.S. taking rapid action to start shipping weapons and armament to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), once again, and then the same old “fight against Daesh” statement becoming a buzzword again, gives us important clues about the “threats” Turkey will be facing in the upcoming period.

Akar: ‘We’re here. The Turkish Armed Forces are here. We will fight Daesh everywhere’

That being the case, an important figure from Ankara, who is aware of the situation, made an important announcement. National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who spoke to Hürriyet daily’s Fatih Çekirge, made the following remarks about the fight against both the PKK and Daesh:

“Turkey is putting up a great fight both at home and abroad. I am speaking to those who support the PKK/YPG terrorist organization. They justify their support to them with the terrorist organization’s supposed fight against Daesh. There is no need for such an excuse. I declare it. We are here. The Turkish Armed Forces [TAF], one of NATO’s most powerful armies, is here. It is ready to fight Daesh. We will fight Daesh wherever they want. But this excuse should not be used to support the PKK terrorist organization.”

Turkey has repeatedly told the U.S. and the West through President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “Terrorist organizations or the state? Turkey is ready to cooperate with you in the fight against Daesh and all terrorist organizations.” However, it became clear that the U.S. and its allies’ intention is not to fight terrorism but to re-design our region.

Who safely evacuated Daesh terrorists?

Remember that during the time when Mosul was supposedly being purged of Daesh elements in Barack Obama’s last presidential term, Turkey was excluded, while coalition forces and, as a matter of fact, even the PKK were actively involved.

Remember that we also witnessed Daesh being transported with helicopters from Raqqa to Al Bab when we were making our last move on Al Bab during the Euphrates Shield operation, which was launched to sweep Daesh from Turkey’s border.

Everything aside, there was an image that was caught on BBC camera! That image is more than enough to drop the U.S. and its partners’ “fight against Daesh” mask. Well, what was that image?

Armed Daesh terrorists, who were loaded onto trucks that contained women as well, were “safely” evacuated out of Raqqa by PYD-YPG/PKK terrorists and transported to northeast Syria.

According to BBC correspondent Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati’s report, the safe evacuation of Daesh members was realized by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), whose main body is comprised of the YPG.

Besides the leading terrorists of the organization, numerous foreign fighters were also among the evacuated Daesh members. So, what happened to them?

Some of them entered Turkey. Some evaporated in the northwest of Syria. Some took refuge in their “friends” in the Sinai Peninsula.


As far as we can understand, the Biden-led U.S. will take action once again under the same guise – “anti-terrorism” – as a means to implement its long-term strategic plans in the Middle East. Thus, the recent frequent use of the “fight against Daesh and anti-terrorism” discourse.

The U.S. is providing all the support necessary to ensure that PYD-YPG/PKK gains legitimacy and thus, finalizes its “state-establishment” process in the areas under its occupation.

Hence, the American strategy that was launched in our region with the first Gulf War and continued with the second invasion in 2003, is continuing to use terrorist organizations as an apparatus to achieve its goals.

Declaring north of the 36th parallel a no-fly zone in the first Gulf War, the U.S. ensured the formation of an autonomous area in Northern Iraq, dividing Iraq forever with the second Gulf War.

Syria is next. If Syria is also divided “forever,” Iran and Turkey will be next in line. But heaven knows why, it is implementing this strategy under the name of “anti-terrorism” or “to bring democracy.”

Unfortunately, some of the “fools” in our midst fall for these pretentious theories. While some “fall for them,” others willingly serve the American strategy.

Lastly, the American strategy does not want single, powerful states in the plan projected for the Middle East. Turkey is one of these states. Hence, the powerful states in our region, including Turkey, continue to be exhausted in the name of “anti-terrorism.”

But beware, Daesh is one of the main terror elements mobilized inside Turkey. Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass had said as he was leaving, “If Daesh hasn't attacked [Turkey] in nine months, it’s thanks to our cooperation!”


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