They are targeting Turkey's survival - AYŞE BÖHÜRLER

They are targeting Turkey's survival

At an Eid program he attended, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the threat Turkey faced continued, that we needed to keep the July 15 spirit alive and that the real target was Turkey's survival. Meaning that he clarified the real issue as Turkey being permanent in the region and adopting a mission against being wiped out of the region.

What I gathered from his speech was that he saw July 15 as a start for guarding Turkey, and he was trying to warn us against the traps that were yet to come. While listening to his speech, I thought of the magnitude of the threat and that the questions, which will allow us to know beforehand where it came from and where it will come from, still have no answers.

If we are to remain vigilant as a society, we need to seek answers beyond the cliché answers and provide the opportunity for more questions to be asked. Or we will be dead on our feet.

The effects of the “before and after” are not only seen on internal structuring, but also in fields from southeast politics to foreign politics. What does this network, which is a part of a bigger plan, want? We still haven't got a clear answer for this question.

Blaming everything on foreign elements and eliminating them is the easiest thing to do. The hard thing is confronting your own mistakes. I believe neither politics nor people have done such confrontation as yet. Vigilance cannot be fully achieved without confrontation. Suspicions and doubts will only reproduce and generate. “Where did I go wrong?” is a hard question to ask yourself. However, we cannot go further if we do not answer this question.

It is clear that Turkey's future intersects with the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) future. The only aim in such a case is not limited to toppling the government, prime minister and president. What else do they want?

When we take a look at situations before and after previous coups, we see what they have been trying to do with Turkey. And what is this?

I believe we need to go after the answers just as we go after the perpetrators. We, of course, have cliché answers consisting of generalizations. But history tells us that the issue is beyond these cliché answers, and instead, there are concrete requests and demands.

Meanwhile, making generalizations like the “West,” “U.S.” or “Israel” do not eliminate reasons and instead prevent solutions. What can you do if the enemy is a giant bloc?

Yet, the world will not run without them or us. Waging war on them and achieving victory is behind the point, but it isn't easy for them to sink us either. We all have faith in what historian İlber Ortayli said to columnist Ahmet Hakan during a program in the Eid period... Turkey will not sink, if it does, the sea will overflow...”

It appears that it is not possible to prevent the next step solely by focusing on the incidents and the perpetrators. We need more clear and concrete analyses on the Gülenist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) primary aim and how this aim affects the future of Turkey. After every article I read, the question “What is the real issue?” appears in my mind. If we don't find the answer to this, the failed coup attempt will only remain as one of a series of incidents of the past. And thus the changes, results and transformations will remain incomprehensible to us.

Another thing is that the weakening of the cause prevents us from focusing on the real issue and destroys our energy to battle...


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