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Trump’s ‘chessboard'

Most people who read Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, "The Grand Chessboard," years ago might have thought, "Come on. That's too much." However, what's happening today reminds me of what was written in that book. 

 Also, in his book, Brzezinski states a matter, in which Hitler and Stalin are said to have complete faith during their terms: "He who controls Eurasia controls the world." 

 The original statement belongs to Halford Mackinder. He made the statement during his speech titled, “The Geographical Pivot of History," to the Royal Geographical Society in 1904 before World War I started. 

Before getting to the article published on Yeni Şafak Online, let's take a brief look at how U.S. President Donald Trump uses the chessboard within his own country:

This time Trump, out of the blue, attacks Amazon. He claimed that Amazon greatly harms tax-paying traders and that this leads to huge damage and loss of jobs. He announced this through Twitter. Apparently, upon this, Amazon's shares suddenly took a dive. The damage is estimated to be at least $6 billion. 

Those who have figured out Trump and the chess game, which he feels no need to hide, quickly made a connection between the two incidents: Although those who found that a conflict started between Trump and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who bought Washington Post – which publishes anti-Trump news – in late 2015, talk of an instinct of revenge’s reflection on actions, the number of those who say that there are much deeper economic interests behind this decision is quite substantial. Because $6 billion is not a small figure. 

As for the game Trump is playing in Eurasia and the Middle East...

The article on Yeni Şafak Online titled, "Türkiye'yi denklemden çıkaralım," (Let's take Turkey out of the equation) says:

"It has been revealed that U.S. President Trump also dictated topics other than the Qatar crisis on his Saudi Arabia visit: To take Turkey out of the Syria equation, take revenge for Astana and to ensure that Riyadh becomes the opposition decision management center instead of Istanbul..."

Details of Trump's Saudi Arabia trip are gradually surfacing. The statement, "Let's take Turkey out of the equation," highlights many truths. 

Of course, it makes one think their plan must be:

If you sign the missile agreement with Russia and attempt joint investments with China through the Silk Road project, I will pile the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the corridor in your south with the al-Qaida and Nusra cleansing operation. I will leave you with this huge problem and push you away from the equation in Syria. If we give Saudi capital Riyadh the role of opposition decision administration center, Istanbul would be left out. 

Did you find this interpretation as overly exaggerated? Then you might want to take another look at the Grand Chessboard. 

AK Party's first move comes from the women's branch…

 Upon President and Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Chair Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's calls to the women's branch, the party administration launched a project online – which we consider to be very important. 

AK Party Women's Branch opened a website called Female party members who visit the website will be able to apply in the province, city or town for whose administration they are candidates.

I browsed through it. It is extremely simple and goal-oriented. 

It is said that in addition to the website, party-member women will also be able to apply at their respective party offices in writing. When party administrators are reviewing the applications, for example, if a 30-member administration cadre is to be formed, they are going to evaluate them based on 90 applications, three times the number of positions available. 

It is a clever solution to bring fresh, new faces to the party, to strengthen dynamism, participation and determination. 

Now, all the stages of this process must be openly shared with the public. 

 Only then can we talk about the successful completion of the process. 


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