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Tour d'horizon

Today's article will be a tour d'horizon amid news stories.

The central executive board of difficult tasks

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has announced its Central Executive Board (MYK), namely, the core team that it is thought will lead the party to the 2019 elections. Expectations from the board are so great that it has a difficult task. Although I am a Galatasaray fan, I sincerely congratulate championship of Beşiktaş Football Club, which has been the champion for two consecutive years. They are rejoicing at the team's victory and the AK Party has been a champion for 15 years. Although they have the advantage of weakness of opposition, they are coming face to face with a “power pollution” of all kinds. May God make it easy for them.

CHP is late again

Republican People's Party (CHP) Vice Chairman Çetin Osman Budak said, “The symbolized names of stadiums should be restored and the name İnönü should be returned to the Beşiktaş Stadium. Atatürk stadiums were destroyed in cities like Antalya, Kayseri, Konya, Bursa and Rize and the newly-built stadiums were named "arena" instead of being named after Atatürk. The name of Atatürk should be returned to these stadiums immediately." They are late again. It would have been worth communicating had they made this statement before President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared his objection to the word “arena.” Now, however, they are still in reactive political communication. The most important factor for success in communication is speed.

Threats don't work on us

German Der Spiegel wrote that German authorities have set a two-week deadline for Ankara for the settlement of the İncirlik Air Base crisis and that if Turkey does not allow German deputies to visit the soldiers, they will start discussing withdrawal. Those who have a grain of knowledge of our nation, which has deep traces of the Ottoman Empire in its genes and our government and its leader, who came to power through the national will, know that threatening and blackmailing us will completely backfire. This is probably what Der Spiegel wants. It is useful to remind of another characteristic that we have: We are not easily carried away thanks to our strong patience.

The US always does this

Actually, there is nothing striking in this news, as the U.S. has been doing this since the Rio Environment Conference in 1992. It had the same attitude regarding the 1997 Kyoto Protocol as well. I think German Chancellor Angela Merkel awoke to the matter a little bit late. Noting that the U.S. and U.K. cannot be trusted, Merkel said, “The times when we can fully rely on others are behind us, I have experienced this in recent days.”

Six countries could not reach a consensus with the U.S. on climate during the G7 summit. Donald Trump is expected to make a decision on whether the U.S. will retreat from the climate convention this week.

French President Emmanuel Macron reminded us that there is a deep divergence between the U.S. and other countries that attended the summit on global warming, saying, “I told Trump that it is crucial for the U.S. to abide by the provisions of the Paris climate agreement. I do not want to speculate too much on this, Trump is a pragmatic leader and I hope that the U.S. will abide by the Paris climate agreement.” Hopefully, this comes true. But, I don't think so. As required by the system, the United Companies of America think about the continuity of their own interests, rather than of dynamism. Although they are the main party responsible for global climate change, they do not allow supporting steps to be taken on this issue.

A successful marketing tactic

Burger King, the international fast food chain, will enter Belgium this summer for the first time. It annoyed the Belgian king with its advertisement before opening the new restaurant. It used the image of the king in the campaign and asked, “Who is the king? Belgian Royal spokesman Pierre-Emmanuel de Bauw said using the king's name and picture requires permission and that Burger King did not obtain permission from them and nor did it make such a request. Noting that they disapprove of this approach, the spokesman said, "Since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorization. The Royal family will soon contact the firm.” I do not know how a more successful marketing communication than this would be. It is extremely clever and effective. Congratulations Burger King.


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