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Will the Brits be able to form a new colonialist ideology?

In an article published a few years ago, it was reported that the late Queen Elizabeth II came from Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) lineage. According to the article, the findings from scientific research conducted in the U.K. are published by an institute. The same article also included the information that this study was put into circulation in a Northwest African country. We have no idea what those who brought up the news on the agenda again in Türkiye are intending to do and what they think about this information – because they did not make any such statement – but considering the British royal family’s relations with the Islamic world, the publication was open to interpretation. Articles that are published on the secret or open relations between the royal family and Islam and Muslims as a continuation of this today after Queen Elizabeth’s death are also naturally open to interpretation in the same frame. 


We have to give it to her, there was never any direct relationship between the late queen and Islam. There was mostly literature that developed around her mystical power, and these referred to certain organizations and chosen people from the Islamic region. Certain organizations and individuals in Türkiye were also constantly on the agenda in this category. There really was no special circumstance regarding the Islamic region in the literature around the queen’s presence. This applies to Islam as well. Thus, it can be said that a global discourse was built in the last century in the context of the U.K. and the queen. The resulting literature was like a reflection of this reality on Türkiye and the Islamic region. I mentioned in previous articles that I used the “dependent structures” term to identify the groups that emerged in the context of regulating relations not equal to the U.K. and the U.S. Dependent structures and elite persons gained significance more generally within imperialist relations networks. 


Following the proclamation of his kingship, the very exclusive relations between Islam and Charles gained depth with new information. This signals a state different from that of the late queen’s era. In addition to the information that the British royal family is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the statement that King Charles is the most open person to Islam in this family is quite important. It is not difficult to guess that similar to Türkiye, this information is circulating in many Islamic countries. Moreover, it is claimed that Charles believes Islam is part of the Western heritage, and that Muslims are valuable to British society. Other information within this frame is also intriguing: The new king is claimed to be against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and he wanted Palestinians living in areas under occupation to be liberated. 


Based on the literature formed around him and the information in circulation, it can be said that there are efforts to build a special connection between the new king and Islam and Muslims. This can be considered a new discourse as well. We can thus conclude that an ideological justification process is in the works. There is no doubt that even though the framework of this ideology is clear in the most general outline, its nature will be known over time. In the most general outline, this is a colonialist perception and a re-justified ideology. 


More data is needed in order to fully reveal the sort of relations established with the Islamic region besides Islam and Muslims in the U.K. literature developing around the new king. Based specifically on Palestinians, it is difficult to understand what is meant by freedom on occupied lands. Israel is a political organization built as a British colony. What does freedom on occupied lands mean to Palestinians? Is there a reference to the British colonial period, or is it based on a broader perspective? It is not easy to clearly see these details with the colonialism concept. Bringing out religion and those believing in this religion, while the region is being made vague is different from the 19th century. 


In general, our relations with the West is going through change with a deep tremor. As a result of this, many cliché judgments are losing their validity. The past is truly left in the past. It is time to renew. 


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