The footsteps of the new Turkey - AHMET ULUSOY

The footsteps of the new Turkey

A powerful government coming out of the November 1 ballot box, has scattered the misty air ofcoalition uncertainty. The elections results have warmed the society, helped it breathe a sigh of relief, and relaxed it just as I feel now as I write my article in this clear, sunny weather.

The significant point here is that, steps taken should be taken with passion, as in the early days, and we should not slack off in the process.


The government's statements after the election: it is understood that the society that wants stability has personally formed a coalition with AK Party by voting for them, and understands that their votes have laid responsibilities on the Party's shoulders. In other words, AK Party directors will not use their energy on new conflicts; they have signaled that they will build a developing, growing, peaceful Turkey.


When there are global actors, some variables are imported, therefore you cannot interfere. For example, capital inflow, direct foreign investments, sources of foreign obligations, external economic demands depend on world market developments, and thus cannot be managed.

However, some things can be done in the domestic market. For this to happen, an economic management that is trusted by markets should sit in the driver's seat. When this is done, directing expectations in the market and achieving objectives will be easier.

There are no elections in the next four years; thus, a government that wants to be powerful and stable will direct the parliament to the country's problems and structural reforms. The environment of trust will then increase, and this will lead to borrowing at low interest, and creating an appropriate environment for local and foreign investors.


It is important for the new Turkey to achieve structural reforms in problematic socioeconomic areas. The reforms should start from public employment politics, and incompetence and nepotism should be avoided in the area.


The new Turkey will surpass the old Turkey. In this respect, since 2002, much has been done, especially in the economic, social and human rights fields. However, there are “national matters” that need to be defeated. Our country's potential goes way beyond the problems we have.

The political conjuncture is on our side too. I believe the developments in the Middle East have made the US and Europe realize that Turkey is very important for the stability of the region.


Some of the “ internal dynamics we can interfere in” were mentioned by Prime Minister Davutoğlu in the AK Party election declaration. The main objectives are; the transparency of economy, a new income tax law, tax procedure laws, a fast solution for disagreements in the jurisdiction, production based on advanced technology and high added value, business and investment agreements.

These are musts for a Turkey with a new and powerful economy.


An average growth of five percent will give job opportunities to those starting work for the first time (approximately 800,000 people.) It is not possible to decrease unemployment in such a structure. In other words, if we want to decrease unemployment rates, we need to grow beyond five percent.

Savings falling to 12 percent of Gross Domestic Product are not enough to sustain high growth rates. Growth financed by external savings (foreign debt) cannot be maintained.


A new and powerful Turkey is one in which macroeconomic issues such as current deficits, inflation and income distribution defects are minimized. A new Turkey is one in which, politics are developed to solve saving gaps and the level of technology (innovation) is increased for the dynamism of the economy. A new Turkey is one in which, industrial production is increased, the export sector is stronger and technology is used powerfully during the production of technology. A new Turkey, is one in which we review our energy policies and decrease our external dependency and invest in new-generation energy resources.


When these practices are carried into effect, it is not hard to build a new and strong Turkey in which the economy is powerful, a legal and institutional structure is founded in which contemporary norms are existent, and the country is freed from a middle income trap. Let's start with a new beginning.


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