Ukraine conference in Berlin begins with focus on recovery, reconstruction

Ukraine conference in Berlin begins with focus on recovery, reconstruction

Ukraine needs ‘Marshall Plan’ to rebuild war-torn country, German chancellor says

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Ukraine needs a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild the war-torn country, and Kyiv can rely on the continued support of its international partners, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday.

“Together with all our friends and partners, we will resolutely continue to support Ukraine: politically financially, in terms of humanitarian assistance, and also with arms,” Scholz said at the opening of an international conference on Ukraine, co-hosted by Germany and the European Union.

Scholz condemned Russia’s recent military strikes, accused Kremlin of launching “indiscriminate attacks” against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

“Today we do not yet know when this war will end. But it will end. And when it does, we will continue to stand by Ukraine and its struggle for security, freedom and democracy,” he stressed.

Scholz said today’s high-level experts conference will focus on developing ideas and mechanisms to ensure the reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine in the coming years and decades.

“So, what it is at stake here is nothing less than creating a new Marshall Plan for the 21st century,” he said and underlined that this will require a massive commitment.

“The recovery, reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine will indeed be a challenge for generations, one that will require the combined strength of the entire international community,” he added.

The Marshall Plan was a US-sponsored program for European recovery after World War II, and it brought extensive investment into the region.

Tuesday’s conference in Berlin is bringing together policymakers, businesspeople, representatives of international organizations and the Ukrainian government to discuss key matters for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine.

Ahead of the conference, German diplomats said there will not be any political decisions at the meeting. Recommendations of the experts will be published later, to guide policymakers in future decisions on a comprehensive reconstruction and modernization plan for Ukraine.


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