Russia welcomes actions 'not words' to resolve Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Russia welcomes actions 'not words' to resolve Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Kremlin statement comes after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Armenia

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Russia is ready to welcome actions, not words, that could contribute to the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the Kremlin spokesman said Monday on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Yerevan.

"Everything that is not in words, but in actions -- and not a high-profile statement, not a populist one, but in reality, quiet and in a businesslike way -- can contribute to the normalization of relations, can contribute to the stabilization of the situation on the border, all this can be welcomed," said Dmitry Peskov at a press briefing in Moscow.

Pelosi's visit came after Azerbaijan and Armenia reached a cease-fire on Wednesday following border clashes.

At the wreath laying ceremony at an Armenian monument, Pelosi was seen wiping away her tears, an act some observers said was orchestrated to gain political mileage.

Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry claimed that Pelosi's Armenia visit aims to gain support of the Armenian lobby as the period of mid-term elections of the US Congress is approaching.

Recent border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia resulted in hundreds of casualties on both sides.

The two countries fought a war in 2020 at the end of which Azerbaijan liberated several cities and over 300 settlements and villages that were under Armenian occupation for nearly three decades. The fighting ended with a Russia-brokered deal.


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