Over 750,000 sexually harassed in Netherlands in 2020: Survey

Over 750,000 sexually harassed in Netherlands in 2020: Survey

More than 5% of whole population in country sexually harassed via internet last year, says Statistics Netherlands

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Over 750,000 adults in the Netherlands were exposed to sexual harassment via internet in 2020, the country’s statistical authority said on Friday.

More than 5% of the overall population of the country was sexually harassed last year, according to a Statistics Netherlands (CBS) report.

Some 6.7 percent of women surveyed said that they had been harassed online, while the percentage was lower for men, standing at 4.1%, the report said.

It was observed that cases of harassment were committed more against young adults, as well as individuals with different sexual identities.

Some 30% of girls aged 16-18 and 23% of women aged 18-24 have been harassed, according to the report.

It was reported that the harassment was mostly carried out through sexually explicit jokes, inappropriate and obscene photos or images.

The report also stated that one out of every 10 people who have been harassed has experienced psychological problems.

*Writing by Merve Berker


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